Supporting BCTGM Members on Strike at Kellogg’s

BCTGM members at Kellogg’s plants across the country have been on strike for more than six weeks, fighting for a fair contract. These sacrifices are never easy and we encourage you to show your support for our union brothers and sisters and their families. Check out the suggestions below:


VISIT A PICKET LINE – Here are their strike locations:

Local 50G, Omaha, NE – 9601 F St.

Local 252G, Memphis, TN – 2168 Frisco Ave.

Local 3G, Battle Creek, MI – 425 Porter St.

Local 374G, Lancaster, PA – 2050 State Rd.


WRITE A LETTER OF SOLIDARITY – Here are their mailing addresses and emails:

Local 50G – Omaha, NE 

Rob Down, Principal Officer

8984 J St.

Omaha, NE 68127


Local 252G – Memphis, TN

Rob Eafen, Principal Officer

3885 S. Perkins Rd., Suite 9

Memphis, TN 38118


Local 3G – Battle Creek, MI

Trevor Bidelman, Principal Officer

1006 Raymond Rd. N.

Battle Creek, MI 49014


Local 374G – Lancaster, PA

Kerry Williams, Principal Officer

3543 Marietta Ave., Suite M

Lancaster, PA 17601-1160


DONATE TO A STRIKE FUND – Each location has its own fundraiser, managed by organizers directly in contact with the workers. While the BCTGM International Union supports these fundraising efforts, none of them are directly affiliated with the Headquarters office.

All funds linked here:


Visit for more information on the strike.