Stop Legislation that costs taxpayers $46 billion and harms teacher pensions


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Nearly five months after the Republican-controlled legislature paused their attempt to dismantle retirement savings for teachers, administrators and support staff, they’re back at it again. Corporate special interests are pushing them to slash school employees’ compensation and rob public employees of their retirement benefits.

The good news is, thanks to your calls and emails, the bills aren’t moving yet. The bad news is, they’re even worse than we thought. A new report from the House Fiscal Agency says this legislation will cost taxpayers $46 BILLION. You read that right.

Sign the petition now to help us protect teacher pensions in Michigan.

$46 billion is a LOT of money – and not a single penny of it will go to improving our classrooms or fixing the roads, which are more dangerous than ever.

And even worse, we’ll be leaving thousands of Michigan teachers, bus drivers, and librarians without access to the most efficient and secure method of saving for retirement.

The DeVos family has said this legislation is their number one priority, and they won’t go down without a fight. We beat these bills last December, and I know we can do it again – but we need to keep the pressure up.

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