Statement of VP Chuck Browning on State of CNHi Negotiations

Today CNH Industrial released a statement regarding the status of contract negotiations with the UAW. In response to the company’s statement, the UAW provides the following assessment of negotiations.

CNH Industrial entered negotiations with a predetermined bargaining strategy based on the principles of fear and intimidation. After a month of offering little resolve to bargaining issues submitted by UAW members themselves, the UAW utilized the authority granted by an overwhelming majority of our membership and took strike action against CNH Industrial. The company immediately deployed a scab workforce that they assembled prior to the contract deadline in anticipation of a strike that was quite predictable based on their posture at the bargaining table.

It is the hope of the company to starve out UAW members on the picket lines to accept an inadequate collective bargaining agreement. Unfortunately for CNH Industrial, our members have displayed great support and solidarity for their issues and negotiating team throughout the bargaining process.

Currently, UAW Local Unions across the country are conducting gate collections to help sustain our UAW CNH members throughout their struggle for a decent living. I could not be prouder of our striking members at CNH for refusing to be pushed around by a profitable corporate giant that has chosen to spend their money resisting a fair agreement instead of providing one to their loyal employees.

In summary, the company’s latest proposal falls short of our member’s bargaining agenda. Our bargainers are meeting with our members and communicating the areas of concern that remain unresolved.

I understand the company’s frustration that their bargaining strategy to force an inadequate contract down our member’s throats remains ineffective. Additionally, it appears based on their statement, the company seems just as disappointed in the determination of the UAW negotiators as we are with the content of their proposal.

Regardless of what CNH Industrial calls their most recent proposal, they are obligated to continue bargaining with the UAW, which they understand. Their most recent statement is merely an effort, no doubt recommended by a union busting consulting firm, to avoid sincere bargaining with the hopes of getting members to cross the picket lines or accept an inadequate contract, to which neither will transpire. The only path to ending this labor dispute is through reaching a fair agreement that is ratified by our UAW membership. The UAW remains committed to reach that end.