Statement from UAW Vice President and Director of National Stellantis Department Rich Boyer on 2022 Profit Sharing Announcement

Detroit – Our union was successful in negotiating an enhanced profit-sharing formula with Stellantis in 2019.  The new formula more accurately reflects the contributions of UAW members to the success of Stellantis. Today’s announcement that eligible UAW-Stellantis members will receive a record average profit-sharing amount of $14,760 confirms that the skill, dedication, and hard work of UAW members are a critical part of the success of Mopar, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, Wagoneer and Dodge.

The financial strength of Stellantis primarily relies on the company’s UAW workforce as evidenced by its financial report. Our members are the backbone of this company. We will continue to call on Stellantis to show our members the respect that is due to them by demanding that they provide a safe working environment to all employees and job security by investing in America.

While we recognize that this profit sharing amount is rightly deserved, we also know that there is much work to be done.  Our members at Belvidere (Local 1268) contributed to this profit sharing, yet the company has idled their plant.  That decision will not stand, and we will fight to reverse it with UAW members, the Belvidere community, the state of Illinois, taxpayers, consumers and all who stand against corporate greed.