Statement from UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada on FCA US Investment and Jobs Announcement


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“Today’s announcement is great news for the members of the UAW, our represented suppliers and the communities that our members work in. At a time when the Detroit area and other communities are seeing auto plants without work and in jeopardy of closing while companies continue to ship vehicles into the US from Mexico, China, Korea and other countries it is exciting to see that we can work with FCA and secure good union jobs here in Michigan.

The UAW membership of FCA has lived through some tough times over the last 10-15 years. But through all of this they have continued to work hard and have been dedicated to building first class products for our customers. I look at this investment as a reward for these efforts and a show of confidence that the members of the UAW are the best auto workers in the world.

The new jobs that come with this announcement will be good UAW represented jobs. Jobs that will provide a good standard of living for our members and their families.

Today is also a great opportunity for the people of the Detroit area. The Motor City was built on the foundation of the auto industry with the UAW working with the Leadership of the City, State and Federal governments and the manufacturers to create thriving communities that provided a good livelihood for its citizens. We cannot recreate that because times have changed but we can reimagine a community that provides the neighbors of our plants the same opportunities that my family enjoyed growing up here in Detroit.

Walter Reuther is quoted as saying:

‘Labor has to make progress with the community, and not at the expense of the community’

So, I am dedicated not only to the needs of our membership as we transform our plants but also our neighbors as we transform our neighborhoods.”

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