Statement of UAW President Rory L. Gamble on Efforts To Restrict Voting Access in Michigan


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Detroit – “As a nation we have a bloody history when it comes to efforts to circumvent the right to vote. In my own lifetime, I have watched activists and disenfranchised southern minority voters risk their lives for these rights in Selma, Birmingham, Mississippi and throughout our nation.

The right to vote is a fundamentally protected right, and yet women suffragists had to fight for those rights; minorities had to fight Jim Crow laws geared at cruel political games meant to suppress those rights. And here we are today, with a radical Republican Legislative faction that has a goal to suppress and make it harder to vote, not easier.

The fundamental test of fairness is whether the moral arc of history bends toward justice and fairness; or if it faces some twisted notion of political gamesmanship. History will not judge those extreme politicians that push these voter suppression bills kindly. We call on these radical Republican politicians to leave political gamesmanship out of our Constitutional right to vote and drop these voter suppression bills.”


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