Statement of UAW President Ray Curry on the White House Announcement of Auto Emissions Standards


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“We are at a critical time for the auto industry as countries compete to build the vehicles of the future. We are falling behind China and Europe as manufacturers pour billions into growing their markets and expanding their manufacturing. We need to make investments here in the United States.

Fortunately, President Biden recognizes the importance of this moment, and his Build Back Better Plan makes the bold investments in manufacturing, consumer incentives, and infrastructure needed to ensure vehicles of the future are made in our country.  Investments alone are not enough.

Today’s announcement on emissions standards brings more certainty and better planning for the auto industry and UAW member future jobs.

While the UAW notes that the companies have made voluntary commitments on Electric Vehicles, the UAW focus is not on hard deadlines or percentages, but on preserving the wages and benefits that have been the heart and soul of the American middle class.

We must be ambitious not just about retaining good union jobs, but growing them, and about expanding U.S. manufacturing of electric vehicles, from parts to assembly. It is incumbent that these future jobs will be good-paying American union scale wage and benefit jobs that protect salaries and our critical health and safety standards.

The members of the UAW, current and future, are ready to build these electric cars and trucks and the batteries that go in them. Our members are America’s secret weapon in winning this global race.

That is why, today we stand with the President and support his ambition not just to grow electric vehicles but also our capacity to produce them domestically with good wages and benefits and the right to bargain and urge Congress to seize this opportunity for the sake of working people and our country’s future.

Any auto industry transition to alternative fueled engines must be paired with passage of the Stabenow Amendment and passage or an agreement to adhere to the policies of the PRO Act to ensure these jobs of the future will protect UAW members, their families, and our American middle class. The Senate needs to pass the PRO Act and get it to the President’s desk for signature.”

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