Statement of UAW President Ray Curry on Solidarity and Support During Thanksgiving


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Many UAW members are preparing to enjoy their union-negotiated holidays this weekend. It is a time to gather with family and community to recharge, reconnect and reflect.  

Part of our celebration should be remembering the power of solidarity and supporting everyone in our UAW family.  Right now, there are UAW members on strike at CNHi (UAW Locals 180 and 807 have been on strike since May 2), Harper Collins Publishers (UAW Local 2110 has been on strike since November 10), University of California (UAW Locals 2865 and 5810 have been on strike since November 14), and the New School (UAW Local 7902 has been on strike since November 16).  These four strikes include almost 50,000 UAW members in Regions 4, 8 and 9A who are fighting for fair wages and working conditions.   

There are many ways to express solidarity including sharing their stories with others, following their struggles on social media, walking the picket with them wherever possible and meeting their requests for support.  Region 9A has set up hardship funds for UAW Local 2110 and 7902 members which you can find here.  You can donate to support our University of California members here.  And many local unions are collecting donations for our CNHi members in Burlington, Iowa, and Racine, Wisconsin, who have been on strike for almost seven months. 

I urge you to remember all of our striking members this Thanksgiving as they fight for economic justice.  Their struggle is about more than the issues in their worksites.  With each victory, they raise the standards in our industries which helps all of us.  As their union family, we must share solidarity with them this holiday season. 

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