Statement From UAW President Ray Curry on Rep. Dan Kildee’s Amendment to the Stabenow Made in America Provision


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U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Flint) is leading the charge in the U.S. House to make sure that future jobs will be protected for decades to come. Kildee had a House Amendment to Build Back Better that tie key consumer rebates for electric vehicles (EV’s) are only applied to good paying, union auto jobs made domestically. Senator Stabenow championed a similar provision passed by the Senate Finance Committee earlier this year.

The Kildee/Stabenow Made in America Provision would continue a $7,500 consumer credit for EVs but add for the next five years a $4,500 bonus for autos assembled in the United States with union labor and $500 for batteries built in the United States. The up to $12,500 in rebates would apply at point of sale or on tax returns, depending on the consumers preference.

And, after the first five years the consumer subsidies continue for vehicles assembled in the U.S. Vehicles built overseas would no longer be eligible for the subsidies. Rebates would continue to apply. at point of sale or on tax returns, depending on the consumers preference.

“I commend Representative Kildee  for crafting legislation to protect and create more good paying union jobs for years to come,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “Rep. Kildee’s provision would go a long way in supporting good paying union jobs in EV auto sector that President Biden has championed.”

Curry said he would hope the provision would have bi-partisan support. “For too long U.S. tax credits meant to create good paying American jobs have subsidized products not made in the United States or at substandard wages,” said Curry. “Today’s Amendment continues the work of Sen. Stabenow’s effort to make sure those are good paying jobs right here at home. Dan Kildee stood up for generations of American workers today. I commend him, Chairman Neal, and all members of the Ways and Means Committee who support this important provision.”





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