Statement of UAW President Ray Curry on Keeping Important Provisions To Protect the Manufacturing Supply Chain in the COMPETES Act Deliberations.


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Detroit — Congress has an opportunity to pass historic legislation that will strengthen domestic auto manufacturing for UAW members, their families and their communities to make our supply chains more resilient for decades to come.

The UAW supports supply chain resilience provisions in the House-passed COMPETES Act and, in the strongest possible terms, urges House and Senate conferees to include it in the final agreement so President Biden can sign it into law. These provisions would aid the Biden Administrations’ important work to strengthen our supply chains. We thank Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Congressman Tom Malinowski, and other members of the committee for crafting this bi-partisan legislation that stands to help the nation avert future supply chain crises.

The ongoing semiconductor shortage has led to hardship for UAW members, their families and their communities including layoffs and shift cancellations throughout the country. UAW members who build world class light duty vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, agricultural equipment, and parts have suffered due in large part to our over reliance on foreign supply chains. Fortunately, the $52 billion in funding for semiconductors included in both the COMPETES Act and the Senate-passed USICA bill, along with the $45 billion loan guarantee and grant program for the manufacturing critical technologies, and other measures, stand to benefit US workers’ and our economy, while also leaving us in a superior position to withstand future global supply chain disruptions.

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