Updated: Statement of UAW President Dennis Williams on Michigan Civil Service Commission Anti-Labor Rule Change Passage


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UAW President Dennis Williams at roundtable

“Today’s decision injects politics into the employment of state workers. If there was any doubt the Civil Service Commission was acting in a partisan way it ended yesterday when Republican State Senators voted on a resolution to prod Commissioners in their actions today.

The Commission bowed to political pressure and took the freedom from 35,000 state employees to negotiate together for efficient government with important job protections like overtime pay, seniority, and grievances.

These rigged rule changes which will go into effect in 2019, will give the governor more power to dictate working conditions by filling vital positions with unskilled political appointments instead of well-trained professionals who have dedicated their careers to serving Michiganders.”

EARLIER: Statement from UAW President Dennis Williams on State Senate Resolution over Michigan Civil Service Rule Proposed Change

“Today’s State Senate action makes crystal clear that partisan politics is behind the Michigan Civil Service Commission proposed changes to workplace rules by giving the Governor more power to dictate working conditions, and filling vital positions with unskilled political cronies instead of well-trained civil servants who serve Michigan Taxpayers.”

“The Michigan Civil Service Commission through our Constitution is supposed to be a non-partisan entity that takes politics out of the state’s workforce. Yet today, through their vote, the State Senate chose to ignore our Constitution and the will of our people to keep politics out of the most basic functions of our government workforce.”

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