Statement in Response to Volkswagen Appeal of NLRB Order


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Chattanooga, Tenn. — Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer of the UAW and director of the International Union’s Transnational Department, today released the following statement in response to the decision by Volkswagen to appeal an order by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requiring the company to collectively bargain with skilled trades employees:

“We’re disappointed that Volkswagen is continuing to thumb its nose at the federal government. The federal courts have consistently upheld the NLRB labor standard that enabled the skilled trades vote in Chattanooga. Volkswagen’s refusal to comply with the law is especially troubling when IG Metall President Jorg Hofmann and other top German labor leaders have said it is not acceptable for the company to abide by the law at home but disregard it elsewhere in the world. Volkswagen’s ill-advised appeal is nothing more than a stall tactic to try to delay the inevitable. It’s overdue time for the company to meet the local union at the bargaining table.”

Editor’s note: The NLRB describes collective bargaining as an effort to “bargain in good faith about wages, hours, vacation time, insurance, safety practices and other subjects.”

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