State of Michigan UAW Employees Approve 2024 Wage Reopener by 95 Percent


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State of Michigan UAW employees have approved the 2024 wage reopener for the fiscal year 2024 by a significant ninety-five percent yes vote. Local 6000 and the TOP Department negotiated a five percent wage increase, a $2,250 bonus, which is the first bonus ever received, and language to adjust wages due to market conditions, retention, and recruitment.

UAW local 6000 represents workers in every Department of State of Michigan government: from nurses, teachers, doctors, probation officers, social workers and secretaries.

On November 17, 1985, the UAW was certified as the exclusive representative for the Human Services and Administrative Support Units employed by the State of Michigan. Local 6000 represents approximately 15,000 members in 1200 worksites throughout the State of Michigan.  It is committed to providing quality services to the citizens of the state. Member worksites are located in regions 1A and 1D of the UAW.


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