What is the Stand Up Strike?

The Stand Up Strike is our generation’s answer to the movement that built our union, the Sit-Down Strikes of 1937.

Then as now, we face massive inequality across our society. Then as now, our industry is rapidly changing and workers are being left behind. Then as now, our labor movement is redefining itself.

This is a strike that grows over time, giving our national negotiators maximum leverage and maximum flexibility to win a record contract.

How does the Stand Up Strike work?

The Stand Up Strike is a new approach to striking. Instead of striking all plants all at once, select locals will be called on to “Stand Up” and walk out on strike.

As time goes on, more locals may be called on to “Stand Up” and join the strike. This gives us maximum leverage and maximum flexibility in our fight to win a fair contract at each of the Big Three automakers.

Locals that are NOT called on to join the Stand Up Strike will keep working. We will NOT extend the contracts, so you will be working without an agreement. Click here to learn more about what that means.

Why aren’t we all striking every facility across the Big Three?

That option is still on the table. The Stand Up Strike gives your national negotiators maximum flexibility. The Stand Up Strike gives our union the ability to escalate all the way up to a national, all-out work stoppage if necessary. It keeps the companies guessing, and builds economic leverage against the Big Three over time if they refuse to negotiate a contract we deserve.

How do I know if my local is on strike?

The national leadership will communicate with regional and local leadership, who will walk members off the job if their local is on strike. This will be very clear, and communicated from national to regional to local leadership, and announced to our membership list shortly before we announce new targets publicly.

Always follow the lead of your local leadership.

What if my local is not called to strike?

If your local is not called to strike you will keep working. Your contract will not be extended, which means you will be working under an expired agreement. There are special rules that you need to be aware of, but also special rights against certain workplace changes made by management.

For a full rundown of working under an expired agreement, click here. For our digital palm card explaining the basics, click here.

You should be organizing rallies, protests, supporting active picket lines, spreading awareness and organizing in your community. It is imperative that the companies see that EACH local is prepared to Stand Up and go out on strike on a moment’s notice, if called to do so by national UAW leadership.

What if I have questions about strike pay or other financial or benefits questions?

Please familiarize yourself with our FAQ on Strikes and UAW Strke Assistance, here.

Working Under an Expired Agreement

If your local is not called to “Stand Up” and go on strike, you will be working under an expired agreement. Many unions work under expired agreements, which is part of our strategy in our Stand Up Strike. Click here to submit a unilateral change made by management. Learn more about your rights and obligations:

Submit a Unilateral Change Imposed by Management

Has management tried to impose a unilateral change(s) to mandatory subjects of bargaining? Let us know about it, here.

  • Numbers only. (Ex: 2057)
  • Be as detailed as possible.