Our Stand Up Strike at Stellantis Expands to 20 Parts Facilities


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Sept. 23, 2023 – Our national negotiators warned Stellantis that noon Friday was a hard deadline. We told them that they had to make significant progress or our Stand Up strike would expand. The company did not listen and so yesterday we called on members at all of Stellantis’ 20 parts distribution facilities across the country to Stand Up and join our strikers at Toledo Assembly.

The chant of our workers in Toledo is, “No Justice, No Jeep.” Now Stellantis will have no parts. Our Stand Up strategy is applying more and more pressure on the company to get serious and reach the strong contract we all deserve.

Stellantis has made some movement on wages, but they have not offered the kind of increase that would make up for years of stagnant pay. The charts below shows how far we still have to go at Stellantis. They also show how we’re doing at all Big Three companies. As you’ll see, our pressure on Ford is starting to pay off. That’s why we did not expand our Stand Up Strike there.

But GM, like Stellantis, is failing to make substantial progress, so parts distribution workers there have also joined our Stand Up strike. With this strategy, we have the ability to apply pressure where it’s needed and win our fair share of the record profits we’ve generated over the last decade and more.

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