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Whether it’s negotiations assistance, grievance handling, education, training and mentoring or something else, UAW local unions have access to a number of services the International Union provides to help serve members. But did you know you can get a free website for your local? All you have to do is pay for the domain name!

SolidWeb is a powerful, free website-building tool that was developed as a part of an AFL-CIO  program aimed at helping affiliated local unions build quality websites.

UAW regions and locals have access to free websites that have already been through design through SolidWeb. The AFL-CIO and the UAW offer ongoing training and support for local unions using SolidWeb at

One of the things that local unions love about SolidWeb is syndication. That just means that your site is automatically populated with all the latest news from your region and the International, keeping your members up-to-date. Her are some other features of SolidWeb that local union leaders are excited about:

Powerful software: SolidWeb was developed in Drupal, an open source platform used all across the web.

Customizable site: Choose among a plethora of content layout options and make the site unique to your local and bring the best experience to members.

Responsive: No matter the device, your local’s website will fit the screen beautifully.

Content Syndication: Always have fresh content and share it easily.

Support: Free training, list services and more.

No Cost: SolidWeb is a FREE program for all local unions— the full cost of development and hosting is covered by the International Union, UAW. All you pay for is the domain name.

Flexibility: SolidWeb has been developed to fit the needs of local unions. Constant development and refining based on feedback from users means the program is set up to grow and offer new features.

Are you already on the original SolidWeb but ready to migrate to the new SolidWeb? Email us here and we’ll get you transferred over to your new, free website. It’s already set up and ready!

Have a website through a vendor or another service but want to get SolidWeb? No problem, go here and sign up under your Region.

Want more info on SolidWeb? Visit and learn more today!

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