Younger Workers Will Do Better Under a Clinton Presidency


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When you cast your vote for president, your ballot will show a choice for our next president. The nominees from the two major parties and those representing the Green and Libertarian nominees have spent a lot of time addressing voters under age 35 because they’re an important voting bloc in this election. Young voters face deep concerns particular to their demographic such as repaying skyrocketing college debt, finding a good-paying job to start a family with and feeling engaged in one of the most divisive election campaigns in our country’s modern history. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate and will find commonsense solutions to those problems. She’s the best choice if you want a president who stands with Americans who work hard to support their families and want fair wages and benefits in return. Clinton understands that young people want a leader who fights against trade deals like the TPP (Trans- Pacific Partnership) because it benefits corporate profits at the expense of workers’ wages and the environment.

Local 50's Frank Hines
Local 50’s Frank Hines

Frank Hines, 33, of Local 503 makes Chevy Silverado consoles for IAC (International Auto Components) in Mendon, Michigan, in the western part of the state. He’s a member of Region 1D’s Young Worker Program that works to engage young workers in unions. He’s voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s going to work to address the needs of people like him. “Trump says he’s going to make America great but he’s not saying he’s going to make it great again for workers. Trump doesn’t believe in what’s right for workers, while Hillary Clinton has a record of backing workers,” he said.

Local 5’s Joshua Franklin, 25, also will be casting his ballot for Hillary Clinton Nov. 8. The father of two lives in Gary, Indiana, and is a forklift operator at auto parts supplier Excel Logistics in Portage. “If young people like me are informed about the election and they see what Hillary Clinton and Trump are for economically, it just makes sense as a worker to want Clinton as our next president,” he said. “She is more qualified than Trump, who has owned several failed businesses.” Education is a big issue for Franklin and Hillary Clinton’s policies on everything from quality pre-school to paying for higher education are well thought-out proposals. Under her five-year plan for affordable higher education, students from families with a combined income of $125,000 or less would be able to attend in-state public colleges without paying tuition. For families earning less than $85,000, the plan would be effective immediately.

Local 5's Joshua Franklin
Local 5’s Joshua Franklin

“She’ll invest in education and infrastructure, and that will create job opportunities for my generation and get better education results. In Gary I’ve watched a lot of schools close. Education has been hurt and she’s trying to fix that,” he said. Franklin says Clinton also understands what it takes to create healthy, strong families — things like affordable, quality day care and good health care coverage. “She wants to keep improving health care in this country and strengthen our health care system. That’s important to me and my young family.”

When it comes to issues affecting younger American workers and their families, Hillary Clinton has their backs and will fight for everyday Americans.

Joan Silvi

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