The Winter 2020 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!


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The Winter 2020 edition of Solidarity magazine is now online!

In this issue, President Rory Gamble discusses changes in how the UAW operates so that members can be assured the union is being run properly. In a question-and-answer session, President Gamble discusses these changes in detail, including the addition of an ethics officer, an ethics hotline, and where he wants the union to be when his term expires.
Also in this issue: A story about Gerald Kariem, recently named vice president and director of the UAW National Ford Department to replace former Ford director Gamble, and Steve Dawes, who was elected director of Region 1D, replacing Kariem. There’s also a story about the Region 5 merger, with roughly half of it merging into Region 8 and the remainder into Region 4.
The Legislative Update examines the PRO Act, which would protect workers by protecting the right to organize and penalize employers that violate the law.
The Financial Report to the members for Fiscal Year 2018 details the union’s overall financial picture.
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