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It’s Never Been Easier to Find Union-Made Products

We all live on our smartphones these days to check the weather, post to social media, send texts, play games and even order from our favorite restaurants. It is also a way we connect with family, friends, co-workers and now with our union.

That was one of the communications goals set for the union in 2014 when members elected Dennis Williams as UAW president. On day one, Williams emphasized clear communication with members about the union’s priorities. Today the UAW embraces many vehicles to inform members and collect member feedback. The UAW App is one of them.

“Communication with our members is key to a strong union,” said Williams. “The UAW has to constantly evolve to meet the needs of members, especially in our fast-paced information world. That means sending information and hearing back from them with high-speed capability of cell phones and other digital tools available. Today’s UAW members are on smartphones, apps and social media so that’s where you’ll find us.”

In 2016 development of the UAW mobile app was in high gear. It was tested, tweaked and finalized before launch, and we continue to solicit feedback from members to make sure we are bringing you the best app service the UAW can provide.

Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, getting the app is easy. Just text “APP” to 99795.* You’ll be prompted to indicate what kind of phone you are using, then a download link will be sent automatically to your phone. Just follow the link to install the app!

Once installed, get the latest news from a variety of sources that go directly to the app. Or dig into the national events section that features a list of events union members are organizing and attending. Access UAW social media platforms or get information from the UAW Constitution or Big Three contracts. You also can set up notifications to receive the latest UAW news.

You can also use your phone to have lists of union-made products sent right to your smartphone in real time. Soon, we plan to have the UAW’s handy vehicle list a text away. The program will allow you to input the make, model year and vehicle identification number into an automated text program that can look up the car you’re considering buying and verify whether it’s a UAW/Unifor-made vehicle. To be notified when the service is ready, just text “CARS” to 99795.*

Thanks to our friends at Union Plus, there’s also a great way to find union-made products of all varieties using text messaging. You can text 22555 with a key word and you’ll receive an immediate response with the info you need. Shopping for candy and want to make sure your purchase is union made? Text “CANDY” to 22555 and you’ll instantly receive a list of union-made candy delivered right to your phone. Follow the same steps to get union-made lists for products such as “BEER”, “PETS” for union-made  pet food and “STUDENT” for lists of education related information and deadlines students will want to be aware of. They will even send you the UAW vehicle guide if you text “CARS” to 22555. You also can text “UNION” to 22555 to get text alerts and updates about your Union Plus benefits*.

Union Plus is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to provide benefits for union members, with a focus on U.S.-based union workers and the products they make. It also provides services such as financial assistance during a strike. Union Plus, found at unionplus.org, has negotiated with big name brands to get you deals and discounts on the products you buy on a regular basis and that are included on union-made lists texted to you. All the info you need to make a smart purchase of products made by union members is a tap, click or text away with the UAW App and texting program and the Union Plus texting program. Stay connected, save money and stay union strong when you stay informed. Happy shopping!

*Reply STOP to quit. Message and data rates may apply.

Download the UAW App for iPhone.


Download the UAW App for Android
Download the UAW App for Android


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