Union front: Thanks for a Million-Plus Miles


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Texas Man Credits UAW Workmanship for his Van’s Longevity

It’s hard not to love a product when after a million miles, it’s still in service.

Robert Vigil, a contractor who operates a cargo service out of El Paso, Texas, was so impressed with his 1999 Chevrolet Express 2500 cargo van’s performance that he had to thank someone directly involved with the assembly of the vehicle: the members of UAW Local 2250 in Wentzville, Missouri.

“I simply wanted to thank you personally, as well as all of your great members of the UAW, for building me an exceptional driving machine,” he recently wrote to UAW President Dennis Williams.

Vigil hit the one-million-miles mark last year as he traveled to a tiny post office in Pyote, Texas. He took a photo of the odometer at 999,999 miles, thinking it would rollover to zero. But it stayed at 999,999 and now he manually keeps track of miles, currently at 1,006,700 and still going strong after almost two decades of driving the van. He averages about 55,000 miles a year.

Vigil likes to buy American-made products and has a particular love for Chevrolet vehicles.

“I’ll give credit where credit is due,” Vigil said. “The UAW built a great product. I buy American wherever I can, and Chevrolet has pretty much been my vehicle.”

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