Union Front: Providing Hope to Struggling Military Families


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The UAW Staff Council, in partnership with the International, provided financial support, as well as labor, for the construction of the home on the VFW’s campus that is named after the late UAW President Stephen P. Yokich.

UAW Members Give $13,000 Donation to VFW National Home for Children

The UAW Staff Council, an organization that represents the interests of the union’s International Representatives, has long supported the VFW National Home for Children in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

And the International has also been a tireless supporter of the home, which helps struggling military members and their families. The combined efforts of both have:

  • Funded the construction of a home on the campus, which was built in 2005 and named after UAW President Stephen P. Yokich.
  • Provided games and bounce houses for children during the annual UAW Carnival, which gives them a respite from Michigan’s long, hard winter.
  • Donated bikes for children.
  • Volunteered to help at the Moving Wall display when it visited the National Home in 2010.
  • Volunteered to clean up the campus after it was heavily damaged by a storm over Labor Day 2014.

But nothing shows more commitment by the UAW staff and International Executive Board (IEB) than Staff Council’s annual Black Lake Golf Outing, which this year raised $13,000 to support the home.

“We are honored and proud to have a continuing role in helping the VFW National Home for Children,” Staff Council President Scott Andrews said.

“UAW members have always stepped up for veterans and the International staff and the IEB believe that if there’s a way to ease the burden on military members and their families, then we will be there,” Andrews added.

UAW members, through the International Executive Board and Staff Council, have donated more than $150,000 to the VFW home with the golf outings alone.

Patrice Green, executive director of the VFW National Home for Children, said the UAW has shown “tremendous commitment” to the organization’s mission, which is to provide children and families of active-duty military, war veterans opportunities for growth and development in a nurturing community, and to serve as a living memorial to all veterans. Oftentimes, this means providing housing on the campus in south-central Michigan in addition to many other services.

“With the outstanding support of the UAW Staff Council and its members, we are able to serve the children and families of our veterans when they need us,” Green said in a thank you letter to the council. “You help us give hope to struggling military and veteran families.”

Know a military or veteran family that is struggling? Encourage them to call the National Home Helpline at (800) 313-4200. This free service offers information, creates connections and gives hope to struggling families. It can also be the first step to moving to the National Home.

Vince Piscopo

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