UAW Local 3303 Car Cruise and Baseball Night


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Once again, UAW Local 3303 in Butler, Pennsylvania sponsored a night at the ballpark to watch the Blue Sox baseball game. It was a great night for the members to get together and support the local baseball team, along with showing their spirit to the community.

On Memorial Day weekend, there was a Car Cruise through Butler organized by Local 3303. There was a wide variety of classic cars. People gathered to watch the cars parade through the streets, and members enjoyed a cookout and party. The local would like to thank Region 9 Director, Terry Dittes and the entire staff for their continued support, and providing handouts, sponsorships and ads to many of the locals’ community events throughout the year.

UAW Local 1097 Participates in  Anti-Violence Initiatives in the Community

Members of Local 1097 are taking an active role to prevent violence in the city of Rochester. They have participated in anti-violence rallies, and marched with the UAW Local 1097 banner to let community members know that the local is present and cares about the community. There are softball and kickball games that the members have participated in that are designed to promote activities as an alternative to violence. The local also participates in weekly bike rides through the neighborhoods with the city councilman. We thank the local for all their hard work to help their community.

Western New York Veterans Committee

In January, the WNY Veterans Committee, chaired by Guy Newell of UAW Local 774, was out again at the Veterans Hospital serving food to the veterans. This is an annual event, and the committee looks forward to it every year, as do the residents in the hospital. The committee spent the evening cooking outside on the grill, and delivering food to the veterans who couldn’t come downstairs. They have great conversations and their presence lets the veterans know that the UAW always remembers them, and are grateful for their service. This year, the committee served over 200 people.

UAW Region 9 Nine Line • Terry Dittes, director Tom Ashton, assistant director • Regional office: 35 George Karl Boulevard, Suite 100, Amherst, NY 14221 Phone (716) 632-1540 Fax (716) 632-1797 • Pennsylvania: 550 State Road, Unit #107, Bensalem, PA 19020 Phone (215) 591-0830 Fax (215) 591-0830 Lauren Farrell, editor


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