Union Front: UAW App Brings Important Information to Your Phone


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You’ve probably noticed by now that UAW President Dennis Williams is focused on finding new ways to connect with the membership during his administration.

Whether it’s through union meetings, text messages, worksite fliers, email, tele-town halls, websites, direct mail or social media, there’s been an unprecedented amount of attention paid to how the International Union makes sure that every UAW member, both active and retired, has an opportunity to connect with the UAW and get the information they need.

Now, there’s one more way for UAW members to get easy access to all sorts of great information. It’s the UAW app for your smartphone.

On the UAW app you’ll find lots of useful, relevant information such as:

  • News – Find out the latest about the news that affects UAW members from across the country.
  • Events – Be the first to find out about national events.
  • Actions – Take action to support union members and fight legislation like the TPP.
  • Educational Resources – Get educated about issues like labor history and finding the union label.
  • UAW Constitution – Get the UAW Constitution right on your phone, only one click away.

So what are you waiting for? Download the UAW app today.

Here’s how to get the UAW app: If you have an iPhone or Android device, simply type in “UAW” on the App Store or Google Play Store to find the UAW’s mobile app. Or, text “APP” to 99795 for a link to download. Just reply with what type of device you have for the appropriate link.

Download the UAW App for iPhone.


Download the UAW App for Android
Download the UAW App for Android

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