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Buying from the 2016 UAW Union-Built Vehicle List accomplishes all three

Ryan Snyder considers himself a gatekeeper. As a quality verifier, it’s his job to make sure that every vehicle that leaves the American General plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, is free of defects. The UAW Local 5 member knows that a distinct population of the driving public is counting on him and his co-workers.

They build the MV-1, the only purpose-built vehicles for people with disabilities that are made in America. The MV-1 meets or exceeds relevant American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. People with disabilities and their families can count on workers like Snyder who do their utmost to build UAW quality into every vehicle that leaves the plant.

“I make sure everything is put on correctly, everything is functioning correctly and works as it goes out the door to our customers,” said Snyder, who has 15 years of seniority.

Our greatest spokesperson is the member who makes the vehicle, or makes the parts that go into the vehicle. You can best explain the dedication and quality that goes in — and the good that comes from those jobs, not just for our families but for our entire community. That’s why we put out a list of recommended vehicles to buy. The 2016 UAW Union-Built Vehicles List is on the following page and downloadable from Use it as convenient reference material to help your family, friends and neighbors make an excellent choice when shopping for their next new vehicle.

Some people will say that there’s no difference between buying a union-made vehicle manufactured in the United States or Canada. But as UAW members, we know the truth. Union negotiated wages and benefits have a tremendous effect on communities.

Download the 2016 Model Year UAW Vehicle Guide
Download the 2016 Model Year UAW Vehicle Guide. Click above!

“We’re proud of the work we put into our products and know it’s important that the general public not only experience our quality, but also the economic effect of good wages and stable jobs,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “Buying union ensures that good-paying jobs are sustained in our communities. There’s a lot of good that comes from buying from the union-built list.”

The MV-1 supports UAW jobs before it even leaves the plant. The engines come from Ford Motor Co.’s Romeo, Michigan (Local 400) and Cleveland, Ohio (Local 1250) engine plants, while its transmissions are built at Ford’s Livonia (Michigan), Transmission plant (Local 182). And there are many jobs at local suppliers that count on the MV-1 and other American General vehicles. American General produces a Mercedes-Benz CUV for the Chinese market and also manufactures vehicles for the military.

Among the Detroit Three, there are not a lot of drastic changes from the 2015 list: Production of General Motors Corp.’s Chevrolet Camaro was moved from Canada to Lansing, Michigan. There’s a new Cadillac model, the CT6, while Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler have refreshed many of their models. And the pipeline at all three domestic automakers will be far from dry as Ford will replace the Lincoln MKS in the 2017 model year with a newly revived Lincoln Continental. Chrysler is planning a small pickup based on its Jeep platform for that year as well.

Take a look at the list and clip it out. It is also downloadable at Wallet-sized cards will soon be available at UAW regional and local offices. Support your brothers and sisters and our communities and buy union-made in the U.S.A.!

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