The Summmer 2020 Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!


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The Summer 2020 edition of Solidarity magazine is now online!

In this issue, Solidarity examines some of the issues that are important to working families, such as health care, job security, workers’ rights, trade, retirement security, voting rights and others. How the next Congress and President handle these issues will have long-lasting impact of the lives of all Americans.

The issue also looks at the union busting that Oberlin College in Ohio participated in that cost UAW members their livelihood. Recognizing their contribution to the school, faculty and alumni have diverted funds they normally would have donated to the university to a fund to help the workers.

Workers at Jones Lang LaSalle facilities who clean General Motors plants across the country have a new contract that improves wages, maintains health care and allows for more vacation time.

Another story examines the right of women to vote, 100 years after suffragettes were successful.

And much more …


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