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Leaders Asked for Input on a Variety of Issues

On June 8, 2021, Region 4 Director Ron McInroy held a special meeting of local union presidents and chairs at the Pat Greathouse Education Center in Ottawa, Illinois. All locals were invited and close to 100 delegates attended from 37 different locals. Each attendee was given a copy of the 2021 curriculum menu provided by the Education Department.

The reason for this special meeting was to survey the leadership on a few different items. The pandemic forced the closing of the Pat Greathouse Education Center for the entire 2020 season. We handed out and collected surveys which asked how many people they would be interested in sending and what classes their membership needed most. The main question was if the leadership wanted us to open the training center and if they had any suggestions on how this should be done. Secondary questions revolved around participation and training content.

A motion was offered and passed unanimously to open the center if we would follow state and local CDC recommendations

We collected the surveys, reviewed them and built a training calendar based on the answers given by the leadership. The surveys asked what level of participation the locals could support and what classes from the workshop menu they wanted to increase their memberships education levels.

We met with the training center staff and developed screening, cleaning and sanitizing procedures to offer as safe of a training environment as possible to ensure the safety of both the participants and the PGC staff .

We laid out a training plan for the year based on the needs of the locals based on their surveys responses.

In late July we kicked off the revamped training season. We started this season with the classes “Grievance Handling” and “Understanding Bargaining and Strikes.” We were pleasantly surprised to have more delegates sign up than we had ever had before. Our new COVID-19 safety plans were successful in that we had no reports of any sick individuals as a result of these classes.

Since this first conference we have had a Retiree Council Board meeting where we worked to join the Retiree Council from the “old states” in Region 4 with the “new states” in the region. The members of the Retiree Council were excited to pave the way to bring other retirees into their council by making the necessary by-law changes for a seamless transition.

The schedule will continue with a session on “Building our Union” and a conference geared specifically for leadership to hone their skills. We have also conferences scheduled for the Veterans, Women, Skilled Trades, IPS and TOP sectors of our region.

Every conference includes a roundtable discussion with the director and the assistant director fielding all questions the delegates may have. These events have always been popular, and the delegates continue to attend at very high levels at every conference.

A complete list of our conference schedule and the appropriate call-letters can be found on the Region 4 website at If you find something in those call letters that interests you, or you want to learn how you can help to grow our union, see your local leadership to find out how you can get involved. We look forward to meeting you soon.

UAW Region 4 News • Ronald McInroy, director • Bradley Dutcher, assistant director • Bradley Schwanda, editor
Regional office: 900 East Center St., Ottawa, IL 61350 • Phone (847) 459-3888 • FAX (847) 459-5680

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