Remember How and Why the Union was Formed and Built


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Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Region 1D:

I hope this writing finds you well. 2021, so far, has been as challenging as 2020 with the majority of meetings and UAW conferences cancelled or suspended. Many businesses and companies are reinstating mask mandates as the Delta variant is now in 50 Michigan counties.

I am not one to lecture anyone about vaccinations, but Michigan has had over 21,000 deaths and 1.03 million cases of COVID-19, and these numbers are climbing. Sadly, most cases could have been prevented according to medical experts. I am hoping this is behind us soon, so we can get back to a new normal.

We’re looking forward to a normal year where we can get back to training, education, and some good ole fellowship. Our Region represents 73 of the 83 counties in Michigan with 88 Local Unions and 218 contracts. We have approximately 50,000 active members and 95,000 retired members. All our members have ideas, input, stories, and experiences, that when shared, have proven to make our locals and union stronger, as well as, building solidarity.

Gatherings, such as union meeting, training classes, educational conferences, etc. are the catalyst that help make this happen, and yet, there are third party groups, such as the Freedom Foundation, that are sending our Brothers and Sisters propaganda in an attempt to dismantle our union.

They are spending thousands and thousands of dollars mailing literature full of lies and misleading or misconstrued information. If you receive any of these mailings, ask yourself, why would a third party, a group that has nothing to do with the UAW and other labor organizations, a group that has not represented workers, be trying to influence us. Why? What is their purpose?

Is it to take away your voice at the bargaining table? To take away your ability to negotiate fair wages, benefits, safety procedures, and rules? Is their purpose to silence your voice with big business, so they can dictate your life? What is their motive?

The answer is: all the above and more. They know the UAW and other labor organizations are the builders of the middle class, the voice of the working class, and supporters of social justice for all. All these threaten corporations when they no longer have the only say.

I will leave you with this, remember how and why the union was formed and built. Remember the ones who took a stand against corporate greed, asking only for a fair share of the profits they produced. Then I ask you, what would your worksite owner, boss, and shareholders give/force on you if you were without your union?

Stay safe.

Director Steve Dawes

In solidarity,


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