Region 1 Celebrates the Filipino Community


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Philippines Flag Raising Ceremony Shows Spirit of Inclusion

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the UAW Region 1 Regional Advisory Council on Human and Civil Rights welcomed members from the Filipino community for a significant event: the raising of the Philippines flag in honor of Philippines Independence Day. The event was sponsored by the United States Filipinos for Good Governance.

Region 1 is in the city of Warren, Michigan ,which along with surrounding cities of Sterling Heights, Troy and Madison Heights, are all in the top 10 in the state of Michigan for the largest percentage of Filipinos. In the spirit of community, Region 1 welcomed the opportunity to participate in such a momentous event. This was the first time the Philippines flag was raised in celebration of the country’s Independence Day other than at the Philippines consulate location. The event was attended by people from the surrounding community, including local and state officials.

Though it was a festive event, there was also a somber atmosphere felt by those in attendance. The event included the raising of the Philippine national flag and singing of the Philippine national anthem. Pride was on full display as many in attendance wore traditional Filipino clothing, while others displayed their pride and emotions with a tear. In a time when many have elected tribalism, Region 1 has sought to be inclusive, not just to fellow members but to the whole community. Region 1 recognizes its position within the community and believes it must play an integral role in developing a strong community.

UAW Region 1 Action Line • James Harris, director
Regional office: 27800 George Merrelli Drive, Warren, MI 48092 • Phone (586) 427-9200 • FAX (586) 427-7142

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