New Leadership Begins its Work in Region 1D


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Director Steve Dawes Appoints Scott Zuckschwerdt as Assistant Director

Director Steve Dawes
UAW Region 1D Director Steve Dawes

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you to all the Region 1D delegates and friends who attended the special convention on Feb.13 to elect me as your Region 1D director. It is absolutely an honor to have your support and confidence, and please know I do not take it for granted.

When delegates are elected to the Constitutional Convention (as in June 2018), they serve a term of four years. During their term, they may be called upon to perform duties as they did in February at our special convention. Thank you, delegates, again, for your overwhelming support. I promise to continue to make our region the proud and successful region it has always been.

With the approval of President Rory L. Gamble, I have selected Scott Zuckschwerdt to be my and your assistant director. Scott has a long history of bargaining and great people skills. He comes with a strong trade unionist background and is an excellent addition to our leadership team.

Scott Zuckschwerdt
Assistant Director
UAW Region 1D

During the last several months, we have lost too many friends, UAW members and family. Some of them were great leaders that came from our region: President Emeritus Owen Bieber, Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Ruben Burks, Vice President Emeritus Cal Rapson, and Retired Assistant Director Ed Foy. Please keep their families, along with all the other souls who have suffered losses, in your thoughts and prayers.

Soon you will be receiving the UAW endorsements for your area. Please remember these endorsements do not come easily. Your Community Action Program (CAP) Council has a screening process that digs into candidate conduct like voting records as they pertain to working people, labor issues and supporting legislation that will support and protect working men and women. This process takes hours of work and research, so please don’t take their recommendations lightly. Thank you to the CAP Councils for their time and commitment during this process.

Lena Wyeth
Vice President
Local 652

Many of our locals have had their local union elections this year. My personal congratulations go out to all those who were elected. Now the real work starts. Your membership has put their trust and confidence in you and your ability to perform your respective position. It is truly an honor to represent your membership. I have always thought that being part of an Installation Ceremony (Article 39 of our Constitution) is an honor. The words installed upon you are your proud union duties and you make a true commitment when you say, “I do.” Good luck to all.

While we are all attempting to make sense of and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, please continue to be safe and follow the CDC guidelines, both at work and away from work.

In closing, I would like to send a special congratulations to newly elected Local 652 Vice President Lena Wyeth. Lena is the first female to be elected to an officer position in the history of the local. I have known Lena many years, and she is a true trade unionist and community activist. Congratulations Lena and Local 652.

In solidarity,


UAW Region 1D News Steve Dawes Director • Scott Zuckschwerdt assistant director Regional office: 1940 Atherton Rd., Flint, MI 48507 • Phone (810) 767-0910 • FAX (810) 767-3206

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