A Letter to UAW Retirees From the President


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September, 2016

UAW retirees’ hard work and commitment have paved the way for the benefits that many working Americans currently enjoy. You and your fellow retirees have always understood the need to continue the fight to keep organized labor as the leading voice for all working and retired families. We appreciate how you have never shied away from standing up and supporting our beliefs. The UAW continues to lobby and fight through the court system to protect healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare.

We thank you for your show of solidarity and pride by participating in events such as Labor Day parades, rallies and picket lines. You amplify our voice through social media, writing our legislators, phone banking and distributing leaflets at community functions. You play an important role when you communicate with our members, active and retired, and the community about the importance of buying Union and American made pro ducts and supporting the issues affecting working families and the labor movement.

The UAW Retired Workers Department and its programs are funded by voluntary dues from UAW retirees like you. The implementation of dues began at the 1966 Constitutional Convention where retirees pledged that this program would be self-funded and that the UAW would not have to use active member dues.

At that time, voluntary retiree dues were $1.00 per month. In 1986 retirees went to the Convention and asked that the dues be increased to $2.00 to ensure the continuation and growth of retiree programs. At the 36th Constitutional Convention, held in June 2014, retirees once again asked for the voluntary dues to be increased to $3.00. For your convenience, enclosed is a check-off card for you to fill-out, which will increase your contribution to $3.00 or more, per month. We’d like to thank those that have already increased their dues.

The Retired Workers Department has many avenues for retirees to be involved with their Union and community. To find out more about these opportunities, please visit www.UAW.org/ retirees.

We encourage you to become more active in your union by attending retiree meetings, helping out at your Local Union and volunteering in your community. We need you to spread the word about how your membership in the UAW has positively impacted your life. Lastly, we need your help to get out the vote in an important election this November!

In Solidarity,

Dennis Williams

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