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Region 5 – Gary Jones

Region 5’s 71st Annual Summer School was held at The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma the weeks of June 11 – 16 and June 18 – 23.

The first week of summer school brought our retirees and active delegates together. Many lifelong relationships and friendships were developed among these members. The active delegates sat and talked with the retirees about the labor movement during a time they were working for future advancement in social and economic justice for all hard-working men and women in America, and how it compares with the labor movement of today. We discussed many issues that are relevant to both groups such as; the attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and health care. The active delegates also brainstormed strategies they can use to strengthen the labor movement to maintain the benefits the retirees fought so hard to get and to continue the fight for hard-working men and women. Our first week delegates were once again treated to a hilarious performance by the Region 5 “Capettes” (several of our retired men and women who volunteer to put on a skit every year). They always do such an amazing job and this year was no exception.

The second week of summer school consisted of over 200 active delegates from 50 locals. Many delegates, who were newly elected officials at their local, attended summer school for the first time. This year, our classes covered subjects like Standing Committees, Right-to-Work, Worker-to-Worker, V-CAP, Steward and Committee Training and Collective Bargaining.

This two-week summer school is a time of learning and connecting with other brothers and sisters who are spread all over the 17 states that make up Region 5. A main discussion during these two weeks was “Corporate Greed” and how contributing to V-CAP is our only weapon to not only “fighting” but “winning” this battle against large corporations by electing labor-friendly candidates who support the issues that are important to all working men and women in America. As trade unionists, we are not swayed by a candidate’s personality or party affiliation, we are concerned about how they fight for our issues. Our theme says, “We’re Stronger Together, Our Vote Wins!” The success of the UAW and Region 5 membership will be accomplished when we “Reach One, Teach One” at all our worksites.

The two weeks of extensive workshop training at our 2017 Summer School gave us the tools we need to fight against corporate greed, Right-To-Work, and the attack on workers’ rights. These tools will help to strengthen our locals, the UAW and all hard-working men and women in America!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Region 5 family for their dedication to our V-CAP program. This membership understands the importance of raising funds to fight for not only our workers, but all workers across the country. Because of your hard work, we raised $111,218 at summer school this year – a new record! Congratulations!

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