Our Future, Our Jobs – January – February 2017


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Cover Story–Our Future, Our Jobs: We Must Hold Congress Accountable pt. 1

Cover Story-Our Future, Our Jobs: We Must Hold Congress Accountable pt. 2

Union Front: Providing Hope to Struggling Military Families

Union Front: Legal Services for Detroit 3 Members Returns

Union front: Saving Our History – Local 174’s Restored Labor Mural Finds a New Home

Union front: Remembering a Civil Rights Warrior, Ernie Dillard: A Fighter for Equality and Social Justice

Union Front: Lake Orion GM Plant for Autonomous Chevy Bolts

Union front: Training for Tomorrow: $5 Million Grant Will Help UAW Journeymen of the Future

Together we win: Columbia University Graduate Workers Gain a Voice

From the President: Obama’s Legacy: Helping Working People

Spotlight on Committees: To protect ourselves, we need to get stronger

2015 Financial Report: Report to members on the union’s finances

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