Fighting for App-Based Worker Rights


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The fight to ensure that app-based workers (“gig workers”) at internet-based companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, etc. are considered employees, and not independent workers, is vitally important to the changing needs of today’s workforce, and one that UAW Region 9A has been proud to take part of in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. With the app-based economy on the rise, it’s imperative that app-based workers not be carved out of critically important worker protection laws like minimum wage, unemployment insurance, anti-discrimination, and other employment protections. Since the passage of Prop 22 in California, the anti-worker ballot referendum backed by $220 million from Uber, Lyft and others, advocates throughout our region have been fighting to ensure that such anti-worker policies do not replicate throughout the country.

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