Enough is Enough!

Local 1005 Members: Tequisha McDearmon, Steven Wallace, Bisa Harris and her daughter, Makayla.

UAW Local 1005 Peaceful Protest Makes a Point About Racial Injustice

Mike Caldwell, Darryl Campbell, UAW Region 2B Civil & Human Rights Advisory Council President
KaRon Waites Jr. (UAW Local 1050) and members of the Cleveland Chapter NAACP.

On a beautiful June morning, the UAW Local 1005 Civil & Human Rights Committee held a peaceful protest on the front lawn of the local’s union hall in Parma, Ohio. In response to yet another series of unnecessary killings of Black Americans by police officers, including the May 25 death of George Floyd, speakers at this event motivated, educated and challenged those in attendance to say, “Enough is enough!”

When the speakers had concluded, attendees participated in a peaceful march from the union hall to the General Motors Parma Stamping Plant led by UAW Local 1005 Civil & Human Rights Committee Chairperson and Region 2B Regional Advisory Council on Civil & Human Rights (RACOCHR) and Member-at- Large Darryl Campbell.

Other speakers who addressed the crowd included:

  • UAW Local 1005 President Mike Caldwell.
  • UAW Local 1005 / GM Shop Chairman Al Tiller.
  • GM Parma Stamping Plant Manager Mark Pervine.
  • Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.
  • State Representative Jeffrey Crossman.
  • State Senator Nickie Antonio.
  • Region 2B Civil & Human Rights Advisory Council President KaRon Waites Jr. (UAW Local 1050).
  • Cleveland NAACP Chapter President Danielle Sydnor.
  • UAW Local 1005 Chaplaincy Committee Member Kenny Miles.
Local 1005 Civil & Human Rights Chair Darryl Campbell addresses
the audience with President Mike
Caldwell, Shop Chairman Al Tiller and Parma Mayor Tim Degeeter behind him

The following is the text of the speech that was given by Brother Darryl Campbell: “Good Morning. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to be a part of this peaceful protest. I just felt that we should show that GM/ UAW autoworkers care and we stand together in solidarity. This is not just about George Floyd. This is about each and every one of us. Every man, woman and child should be treated fairly no matter what the color of their skin. How long can we stand by and watch unarmed Blacks being killed? Being arrested should not be a death sentence. We, as Blacks, should not be afraid when we are pulled over by police. We should not be profiled because our skin color is darker than theirs.

When I heard George Floyd pleading and begging for his mother, it broke my heart. A grown man crying for his mother means he was in pain. We all know as children we cried for our mothers when we got hurt. I know I did! So, let this sit on your brain. We cooperate, we die! We jog, we die! We fight back, we die! We put our hands up, we die! We mind our business, we die! So, tell me what I am supposed to do to keep the cops from killing me? And killing us. I CAN’T BREATHE! Say it with me: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”


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