Elections Not Just About Presidents


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State, Local Officials Impact Our Daily Lives in Many Ways

Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin

Every four years we have a presidential election. Each election is categorized as “the most important election of our lifetime.” While you may have become tired of hearing this every election year, I think that claim can be made regarding this election.

The last four years have proven that elections have consequences. Considering some of the decisions made by our local and national officials during this time, it could be argued that this election is the most important of our lifetime. This election is not important simply because we will be electing a new president. No, this election could be considered the most important of a lifetime because, along with the president, we will be electing other officials, locally and nationally, that are just as important as the president. In many instances, the local and state officials will have a direct impact on our daily lives. This election year, we will be electing individuals who will serve in the U.S. Congress or state legislature, county commissioners, city and township clerks, supervisors, treasurers and trustees. We will be electing library board members, university and college board of governors and trustees. In addition, we will be electing sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys and judges. All have a direct impact on our daily lives. We ask: What type of schools will our children attend? What type of businesses will be in our communities? And how will we be protected in our communities?

Events that have occurred over the last four years demonstrate the importance of local officials and legislators. We have witnessed that local elected officials can be just as important as national officials. It is the plans of our mayors, council persons, or county executives who set policies on how we navigate our daily lives during a pandemic. It is the governors who provide daily updates during a pandemic. We have experienced a national strike, and currently our nation is amid a pandemic. Many Americans are struggling to provide for their families. It is our locally elected officials who provide our safety during this time. And it is the local judges who decide what is legal for us to peacefully protect our right to vote. Why is this the most important election of our lifetime? Because we should have the right to peacefully picket employers without the threat of harassment.

Why is this the most important election of our lifetime? Because we should have confidence that elected officials are doing everything possible to ensure our health and safety during a global pandemic. Why is this the most important election of our lifetime? Because we should be able to have open and honest dialogue regarding justice reform. Why is this the most important election of our lifetime? Because no one can justify a man kneeling on the neck of another man for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

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