From the director, Ray Curry, Region 8: By Moving Forward Together, We Win


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As disheartening as it was to watch the election results, we still have much to be proud of in the fact that a tremendous amount of effort was put into educating our membership on the position of candidates on both the state and federal levels. The American people have spoken and now we must live with the consequences.

As we move forward in our efforts to continue representing our active and retired members, remaining passive is not an option. It is still in

Region 8 – Ray Curry

our blood to protect the gains that those before us fought to achieve.

From Delaware to Florida and all points in between we want to thank everyone who engaged in our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts. Region 8 had the most battleground states of any region and your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Beginning back in July, we started to recognize members who expressed a desire to support our endorsed candidates. We also communicated to members our endorsements and the reasoning behind our support of the many candidates that we interviewed.

Facing a divided primary election, our goal was to educate our members on the the facts and benefits of electing pro-working family candidates who support our right to collective bargaining.

Our GOTV efforts in all of our states were uplifting as we saw everyone motivated toward the same goal. Unfortunately, a lot of our membership was spilt on the presidency. Maybe the consequences of this election were not fully understood, but make no mistake there will be consequences for working families.

Now we face a path of uncertainty from the man residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We trust that working families will be viewed upon as an asset. This is why it is important that each of you stay engaged in future lobbying efforts.

UAW Contributes Monetary Donations for Carolinas Hurricane Relief October 2016

Through a collaborative effort among UAW Region 8 locals, our union was proud to contribute $35,000 to the North and South Carolina Red Cross disaster relief funds.

Every respective local and CAP council’s leadership in Region 8 was contacted and asked to solicit their memberships through gate drives and other means to raise funds for Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

Hurricane Matthew slammed ashore on Oct. 8-9 along the North and South Carolina shore, bringing intense flooding, downed trees, and damaged electrical infrastructure.

UAW retirees and other citizens were driven from their homes and neighborhoods by the flooding waters. Many homes were damaged beyond repair. People in too many cases lost all of their possessions.

UAW Region 8 is glad to help with the relief efforts and try to help as much as possible to get affected people back on the road to recovery.

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