From the director, Charles Hall, Region 1: Election results won’t deter us


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Charles Hall

Thank you. You knocked on over 92,000 doors. You made over 366,000 phone calls. We all know from President Obama what a difference that can make.

Back in 2008, your hard work elected a president who saved the automobile industry, who created the longest economic growth period in history, whose health care policies created the lowest level of uninsured in our history. You are proud. We are proud of our president.

This year you worked just as hard if not harder. This campaign was divisive. This campaign hurt. It is hard to turn away from the attacks on fellow UAW members who are women, Muslims, first-generation immigrants and on, and on, and on.

The UAW has always stood against bigotry and hate. We marched with Dr. King and divested in South Africa for the release of Nelson Mandela. We were one of the first labor unions to incorporate the leadership of women, members of color and the first to openly accept gay domestic partnerships.

That is why for many the election of Donald Trump is so distressing.

But it just means we must work even harder.

As UAW President Dennis Williams said, we will never deviate from our core principles in the fight for the rights of all workers regardless of race, national origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We need to redouble our efforts to protect the work of President Obama that so many of us are proud of.

And where there can be agreement we need to push our agenda. The UAW has long pushed for reworking NAFTA and trade deals to create a fair playing field for American workers. We also have long pushed for an infrastructure jobs bill. Our position has not changed; it just so happens that both President Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton agreed with that position. That’s why we need you more than ever. We need to fight to preserve those things the UAW fought so hard to achieve through President Obama.

And where President Trump may agree with the UAW on issues like trade and the infrastructure jobs bill, just as we would have pressed Secretary Clinton to keep her promise, we need to press President Trump to keep his promise.

I can’t thank you enough for the hard work you did. Eight years ago, you set a new course for this country. And now it is up to us to preserve that course. We need you now, more than ever.

In Solidarity,

Charles Hall
UAW Region 1

UAW Region 1 Action Line Charles Hall, director Frank Stuglin, assistant director Regional office: 27800 George Merrelli Drive, Warren, MI 48092 Phone (586) 427-9200 FAX (586) 427-7142 John Cunningham, editor

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