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On Saturday, February 27, 2021, the UAW Region 1 Regional Advisory Council on Human and Civil Rights hosted a Black History Month Virtual Celebration. Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic and UAW restrictions regarding in person meetings, the celebrations were held virtually. Despite the restrictions, Region 1 knew it was imperative to acknowledge Black History Month. Therefore, locals from the region came together in the spirit of this year’s theme: Representation, Identity and Diversity.

Locals in the Region 1 family created three-to-five minute visual presentations in recognition of Black History Month. Locals highlighted members’ individual talents, the history of the locals, and members that have made contributions to the UAW, the local, the community and world. While traditional Black History Month celebrations focused on historical figures, this year’s Region 1 celebration emphasized everyday individuals.

The locals’ presentations were prepared by members and highlighted the talents of the membership. Locals’ presentations ranged from the gift of song, discussion of the influence of past and present members, to in-depth discussions on current human and racial issues. The celebration provided all those who participated in the event a moment for reflection and a time to acknowledge the contributions made by African Americans to the UAW, the region, their local unions, the United States, and the world. Often, we forget the reasons we remember a date or celebrate an event. Over time, the purpose can get lost in the pageantry of an event. Covid-19 was an event that was never welcomed, nevertheless it provided an opportunity for a time for contemplation and reflection. For Region 1, the event provided a moment that could be characterized by deep thought, appreciation, and admiration. Region 1 recognizes the importance of family and the power of the individual. We are all family and we make history every day — together, we can change the world.

UAW Region 1 Action Line • James Harris, director
Regional office: 27800 George Merrelli Drive, Warren, MI 48092 • Phone (586) 427-9200 • FAX (586) 427-7142


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