From the President: Understanding Our Union’s Core Values

It is Critical to Maintain Them in Difficult Times The UAW’s core values affect everything we are and do: how we bargain, how we endorse candidates, how we conduct ourselves and how we treat each other. These values come from our history and are written in the preamble of our Constitution: “We hold these truths

Memorial Day 2017: Take Time to Remember Our Fallen Heroes

UAW members are set to participate in this weekend’s Rolling Thunder ride. As UAW members, we know how important it is to treat Memorial Day and our nation’s fallen heroes with proper respect. Many of us will participate in ceremonies at national cemeteries, government buildings, parks and other places. Local 2069 in Dublin, Virginia, is

A Tremendous Loss in Alabama

Photo by C.J. Hamilton Bobbie Billingsley Worked to Help Others Renee Seals bought a small metal cross to put on the door at UAW Local 112 when her friend Bobbie Billingsley suddenly died in a car accident. The 18-inch cross helped let members know that there wouldn’t be a union meeting that night. Seals, a

Glass Plant Workers Detail the Dangers at Fuyao

Town Hall Shows Unity, Community Support James Martin is on temporary total disability because of the time he spent working at the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, Ohio. He suffers from diminished lung capacity that, according to his doctor, was caused by working with isocyanate glues and primers, powerful chemicals which are known to cause

UAW Mothers: Fighting for a better life

We are rerunning this story from last year’s May-June Solidarity magazine for Mother’s Day this year. Mothers are an important part of everyone’s life and knowing the power of a union helps them is a solid reminder that the only place women will get equal pay and benefits is when they are in a union.


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