Union front: Our, Work, Our Lives, Our Health

Michelle Tigchelaar gives a presentation on climate justice to a Teamster local in Seattle. PHOTO: RENEE CODSI UAW Members Connect the Dots on Climate Change In the Pacific Northwest, a place of abundant natural beauty with a rich labor history, UAW Local 4121 is working hard to unite workers around health, safety and conservation. Local

Union front: White Shirt Day

Celebrate the Victories of the Past, the Promise of the Future The hours are brutally long; overtime pay doesn’t exist. Workplace safety is unheard of. Limbs are lost, and yet the machines grind on, indifferent to your suffering. Do you want to keep your job and feed your family? Your boss wants his roof repaired

Spotlight on Committees: Serving Those Who Have Served

Veterans Committees a Key Part in the Life of a Local Military service is a sacrifice for soldiers and families. Long, lonely years are spent without a loved one at home or in a foreign land surrounded by danger. The lucky ones come home without serious injuries. But once they get home, their service and

PRO Member: Battered by a Hurricane, But Still Helping Others

Local 1921 Bargaining Chairman Paul Herrin, left, and President Dennis Fauver kept their local together after Hurricane Katrina. ‘It’s Who We Are’ On Aug. 26, 2005, Dennis Fauver, president of UAW Local 1921 in New Orleans, was busy loading up his F-150 pickup truck with all manner of papers and files that he thought he

From the President: Solidarity is More Than Winning a Contract

We Help Because We Don’t Leave Others Behind The people suffering in Puerto Rico are facing horrific conditions after Hurricane Maria hit the island in September. What we have heard from reports is that Puerto Rico is devastated. Electricity comes and goes, hospital generators lack fuel necessary to operate, food and water are scarce and