Union Front: Members’ Right to Appeal Protected by UAW Constitution

The UAW Constitution (Article 33) gives any UAW member the right to appeal on the whole range of issues and disputes which can arise in the life of our union. This includes grievances, election protests or “any action or inaction” by union officials or representatives. The appeal must be filed with the body responsible for

Union Front: UAW App Brings Important Information to Your Phone

You’ve probably noticed by now that UAW President Dennis Williams is focused on finding new ways to connect with the membership during his administration. Whether it’s through union meetings, text messages, worksite fliers, email, tele-town halls, websites, direct mail or social media, there’s been an unprecedented amount of attention paid to how the International Union

She’s With Us – September – October 2016

Index: Volume 59, No. 9 – 10 From the President: Vote for the Candidate who is Committed to Organized Labor PRO-Member –  When Speech Incites Hate: Two UAW Members Reflect on 2016 Election Together We Win: Flamingo Casino Cashiers Look Forward to Making Positive Changes Union Front: UAW App Brings Important Information to Your Phone Union

Clinton will Protect Retirement Security, Health Care

In the workplace, the halls of Congress, and state capitols, UAW members have consistently fought for policies that support retirement security and health care for all. We have always believed everyone should be able to retire with dignity and not worry about making ends meet during their golden years. Unfortunately, this is view is not

Cover Story: Hillary Clinton – She’s With Us!

Forget Personalities and ‘Likeability’ – Who Will Lead and Who is Best on the Issues Critical to American Working Families? Presidential political campaigns in the age of the 24/7 news cycle can be quite distracting. The media often supplies saturation coverage on inconsequential stories unrelated to the issues that directly affect our families such as

Legislative Update: What’s at Stake in November

Labor Board Decisions, President’s Policies Affect our Lives in Many Ways As UAW members know, elections have enormous and long-term consequences. The people we elect to represent us in our hometowns, states, and in Washington impact nearly every facet of our lives, including our ability to pay hospital bills, drink safe water, collectively bargain for

Younger Workers Will Do Better Under a Clinton Presidency

When you cast your vote for president, your ballot will show a choice for our next president. The nominees from the two major parties and those representing the Green and Libertarian nominees have spent a lot of time addressing voters under age 35 because they’re an important voting bloc in this election. Young voters face