The long road to Election Day

Play your part in the political process In 2016, UAW members from across the country will take part in highly visible elections. From voting, to canvassing, to phone banking, to talking about issues with friends, family and coworkers — you have a big part to play in helping to define the direction of our country

Helping in the community is a natural fit for our union

UAW members throughout the country give back to their communities in many ways. In addition to helping Flint residents during the water crisis, UAW members have stepped up throughout the years whenever their communities have been in need. Two examples of many actions members have taken to help others include a recent day of service

We Stand by Flint

UAW members spring into action to help neglected city When you turn on the tap at home, you don’t think about whether the water is safe. You trust it’s OK because trained government experts make sure it’s safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. That trust has been broken in  a big way for residents of

A strike for justice

The UAW was a key player in knocking down racial barriers in bowling Download a PDF of this article Bowling has a way of creating solidarity outside the workplace like no other activity. Amid the repeated thumps of balls hitting the alleys and crashing into pins, we gather at our local alleys to compete and

Workers Memorial Day

Four UAW members perished in workplace incidents All workplace fatalities are avoidable. Through the collective bargaining process, we seek to make our workplaces safer and often negotiate stronger protections for our members than is required by federal, state and local laws and guidelines. We do this because all workers should leave their workplace in the

Being union helps women

Unions fought for many of the benefits workers now have such as the 40-hour work week, overtime pay, and improved health and safety standards, which have improved the lives of all workers. It is only through a strong union and worker voice that these benefits will remain intact. Worker’s wages have been stagnant and the

GM metal model maker honored as Michigan apprentice of the year

Rachel Harbin has always liked working with her hands and has a love for automobiles that runs in the family bloodline. She also has a love affair with learning, earning an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree and is close to earning her master’s degree. With a pedigree like that, it’s not hard to understand why

A heavenly voice

102-year-old UAW retiree’s a capella gospel career still soaring Thomas Kelly started singing before movies with sound became popular, before transatlantic commercial flight and before the UAW’s founding. He retired the same year the United States celebrated its 200th birthday following 30 years as a janitor at Chrysler’s former Eldon Axle plant in Detroit. Since

Strike! Using labor’s most powerful weapon effectively

The UAW grew out of a strike. Prior to 1936, our union organized one worksite at a time, but nothing on the scale of the gigantic assembly plants that had been growing into company towns since the age of automation. The Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37 changed all of that. In one 44-day strike, the