A disappointing turn of events

Volkswagen refuses to negotiate with union members The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) describes collective bargaining as an effort between an employer and employees to “bargain in good faith about wages, hours, vacation time, insurance, safety practices and other subjects.” It’s really that simple: The democratically elected representatives of the workers sit down with company

How to build YOUR union for YOUR future

We say it often enough: This is YOUR union. Underneath these simple words is the heart and soul of what the labor movement is about. A union isn’t the leaders solving problems for members. Nothing happens unless the membership is part of the union. It sounds simple enough, yet too many slip into the opposite

Standing Tall at Kohler

Solidarity brings workers a win in Wisconsin The long line snaked out of the door of the Sheboygan County Labor Council Hall on an unseasonably sunny and warm day the week before Christmas but the people in it were in good spirits. This holiday season would be one filled with memories for Kohler Company workers

Looking ahead to the challenges of 2016

As the new year begins and we look at what 2016 will bring, we must also reflect on 2015 and the challenges we faced and how we’ve grown and learned from those moments that came to define the last year. We must do this if we are to move forward and ready ourselves for the

Standing Tall at Kohler – January-February 2016

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On the hunt in New Mexico

Local 838s member has the trip of a lifetime There’s quite a difference hunting black bear in New Mexico compared to hunting whitetail deer in Iowa. For starters, the terrain and climate is much different. Whitetail deer are plentiful, while a black bear is a rare sight. And the deer is less likely to pose

Nissan leading U.S. into ‘Temp Nation’

Nonunion autoworker argues for stronger union organizing laws Working people have been getting squeezed over the past several decades as paychecks have failed to keep up with the cost of living. Fewer people having a voice at work has greatly worsened income inequality. Millions of Americans are not getting paid fairly for their work. Not

A song – and union – in her heart

Angie Kelly sings the anthems at UAW conventions, conferences Angie Kelly may be one of the UAW’s most recognized members thanks to her performances in the UAW’s national anthem videos that have played for more than 15 years at countless UAW conventions, conferences at Black Lake and across the country at UAW regional and local

What would Walter do?

“Who knows? It’s impossible to speak for the dead,” laughs Nelson Lichtenstein. Of course the question is absurd. After all, what would Walter Reuther do in a world he would not recognize? Since the fourth and longest serving president of the UAW died in an airplane crash in 1970, the UAW, auto industry and entire


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