Region 4 Greathouse Center is Looking Great Again

PHOTO: PHILIP EULER / UAW LOCAL 2096 New Education Facility Replaces One Damaged by Tornado The rebuilt UAW Region 4 Pat Greathouse Education Center was dedicated on a sunny spring day in early May, a far cry from the turbulent weather more than a year ago that led to the demolition of the old UAW

Together we win: A Contract, 2 Organizing Wins and 2 Strikes

Columbia University graduate workers walked off the job during finals to protest the administration not recognizing their union, even though the election was certified by the National Labor Relations Board. The graduate workers demand that the administration immediately begin contract negotiations. Plenty of Activity in Higher Education Academic workers at the University of Connecticut (UConn),

Together we win: A Fighter for Freelancers

Local 1981 Wins Large Settlements Being a freelance journalist is tough work. Beyond the many hours of research, reporting and writing a freelancer must perform, finding publications willing to buy their work is time consuming. Many freelancers know that in a lot of cases, non-payment or slow payment is just a cost of doing business.

Union front: Thanks for a Million-Plus Miles

Texas Man Credits UAW Workmanship for his Van’s Longevity It’s hard not to love a product when after a million miles, it’s still in service. Robert Vigil, a contractor who operates a cargo service out of El Paso, Texas, was so impressed with his 1999 Chevrolet Express 2500 cargo van’s performance that he had to

Union front: Be a Proud Union Member

Margaret Catanzaro, with her granddaughters Chelsea and Megan Klassa, makes it very clear: Her union never told her who to vote for. It recommends candidates based on their support of working people and workers’ issues. An Open Letter to the UAW Membership from a 76-Year Member Editor’s Note: Margaret Catanzaro started at the Ford Highland

Legislative update: A Direct Hit to Our Rights on the Job

Republicans Make Good on Promises It has never been more difficult to keep up with national politics. Between ongoing investigations, tweets, tensions with foreign powers, and disputes over immigration, taxes and health care policy, it is easy to lose sight of what matters in our daily lives: decisions that impact our quality of life and

Together we win: Respect Workers’ Rights

Graduate Workers, Four Major Unions Demand Private Universities Come to the Bargaining Table Graduate workers, together with national leaders from four major unions and their allies, delivered letters on March 14 to the presidents of Yale, Columbia, Boston College, the University of Chicago, and Loyola of Chicago in joint demands that the administrators honor recent