Be a part of Black Lake’s UAW Memorial Walkway

The Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center features a memorial area with an eternal flame and a granite and brass memorial to the Reuther Brothers. The International Executive Board is again offering a way for you to be part of the Memorial Walkway that has been built and paved with bricks inscribed by

Union Front: Local Union Communicators Keep Us Informed

LUCA Conference Set for October Many UAW members look to their local to stay informed about union issues. That means locals need the skills to share information members want about union issues, contracts, committees and elections, particularly as we head into a busy election year in 2018 with congressional control at stake. The best way

There’s More Than One Way to Strike

Local 2270 members Jake Guild, left, and Taylor Hoffmeyer’s four-month old daughter didn’t seem to mind the noise of the bowling alley. They were joined by Tiffany McLachlan, Betty Crawford, Jana Gilmore and (not pictured) Renee Hoffmeyer on the Local 2270 team. Local 2270 is based in Evard, Michigan. UAW Bowling Championships Feature Tough Competition,


2018 USA-UAW CALENDAR 52 GUN SWEEPSTAKES Featuring photos of and by UAW members. Great brands like Colt, Remington and Savage. Only 7,500 calendars available. Your Local Can Earn $1000 and a Shotgun or Rifle! How It Works: Donate $2,000 to the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance by Oct. 1, 2017, and we’ll send you 100 calendars. Sell

Cover Story: Renegotiating NAFTA

Let’s Have a Trade Agreement that Benefits Working Families Independent presidential candidate Ross Perot in 1992 predicted there would be a “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the United States if the then-proposed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was approved. Perot, of course, correctly saw the future. That giant sucking sound was 851,700 U.S.

Legislative Update: Many Programs Will Take a Hit

GOP Budget Cuts Only Benefit the Wealthy, Corporations In today’s hyper-partisan political environment and 24- hour news cycle, avoiding distraction and keeping track of the decisions our elected leaders make can be next to impossible. The actions of Congress and the president impact the safety of our work environments, our wages, affordability of our health

How UAW retirees continue to give back to help working families

The 2016 elections are over; and, as you know, Mr. Trump and the Republicans now control the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, Supreme Court, and the White House. As a group they have wasted little time in trying to change health care, trade, immigration, and Social Security. You, as UAW retirees, have fought long and hard

From the President: NAFTA Must Work for Workers

A New Trade Deal Needs a New Focus In 1979, Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and in his speech he called for a “North American accord” which he said will produce “a North American continent in which the goods and people of the three countries will cross boundaries more freely.”

Spotlight on Committees: Fostering Solidarity

Local 249 members participated in the Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City’s Women Build Day, which was held May 17. They understand that giving back to the community is a core UAW value. Community Service Committees Show UAW Values As a UAW member, you know the union is only as strong as member involvement. Without


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