PRO-Member: Who we elect can directly affect our lives

It’s inevitable: At one point or another during an election year, people will reach that point of exasperation when talking to someone about the candidates. It might be at a family reunion or on Facebook. It could even be in the parking lot of a grocery store. Insults will fly. You’ll be shocked by the

Union front: PRB a way for members to resolve disputes

The UAW Public Review Board (PRB) was established in 1957 as an additional way to safeguard members’ rights and act as a watchdog over the union’s moral and ethical practices. The board, which is funded by the UAW, acts independently on internal appeals and its decisions are final. The UAW is believed to be the

UAW members mourn the passing of former International Vice President Marc Stepp

Marc Stepp was the first African-American to lead negotiations at a Detroit 3 automaker. The UAW’s International Executive Board and members recently bid farewell to Marc Stepp, “a trailblazer, a beloved union leader and a committed community activist,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “Marc set several milestones, including being the first African-American to lead negotiations

It’s time to unite behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

The UAW endorsed Hillary Clinton for president because she is experienced and focused on job security. Our country needs an experienced voice that understands the complexities of multinational economies and how they impact American workers, their families and communities. There were two excellent candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Union front: UAW Member, Family Members Awarded 2016 Union Plus Scholarships

Washington, D.C. – Union Plus recently awarded $150,000 in scholarships to 104 students representing 32 unions, including eight winners representing the United Automobile Workers (UAW). This year’s group of scholarship recipients includes university, college, and trade or technical school students from 32 states. The UAW winners are: Alexandra Arenz of Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Arenz, whose