Together We Win: UAW Helps Unemployed Win Relief Against Michigan

State Made False Fraud Allegations Against Workers The power of a state agency against one person can be daunting. But when you are a union member who has experienced attorneys fighting for justice on your behalf, the power equation changes. That’s exactly what happened in early February when attorneys representing Michigan workers, including numerous UAW

Union Front: Burn Camp Provides a Great Experience

Alonzo More, 14, Isaiah Struck, 10, and Jaques Williams, 15, say there is a lot for campers to do at Black Lake, but just about everyone loves the opportunity to swim. It’s All About Fun for Special Kids at Black Lake You could be excused if you mistakenly thought a catastrophe had hit the UAW

Spotlight on Committees: The UAW Women’s Committees

Their Work Makes for a Better Workplace and a Better Life at Home It’s proven to be the best way to close the wage gap between men and women. Organized labor contracts show no pay difference between pay and benefits negotiated for men and women in collective bargaining. Perhaps that is why for the past

Cover Story: Mississippi Yearning

Photo by C.J. Hamilton Nissan Workers’ March for Union Rights Recalls the Civil Rights Struggle Thousands of Nissan workers and their supporters marched on the plant to demand that the automaker allow a vote on union representation without fear or intimidation. Photo by John Davis/UAW Local 2195 Echoes of an earlier time in Mississippi were

Let’s be our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers

Workers Memorial Day 2017 Ralph Butler was the most senior skilled trades electrician at Freightliner’s Cleveland, North Carolina, assembly plant. He and a co-worker were responsible for maintaining equipment on the loading docks. On July 13 they were troubleshooting a dock leveler. After working the controls and observing dock plate motion, Butler went in for

A Life-Changing Vacation

The UAW Family Scholarship Program Helps Connect the Dots For the Templeman family of Des Moines, Iowa, their visit to Black Lake to participate in the UAW Family Scholarship Program started out quiet enough. They flew to Detroit and then boarded a bus for a very quiet, four-hour ride to the Walter and May Reuther

PRO-Member: UAW Women – A history of activism

Above: Members of the Women’s Auxiliaries often had an ambitious agenda, such as securing free nurseries for mothers, maternity leave, equal pay and an end to discrimination. Women have always played critical roles in the labor movement — especially in the CIO-led unions of the 1930s. Obvious examples are stories of women working the line

From the President: Get Involved

Energy and Passion of Women’s March Must be Duplicated, Not Wasted I believe that 2017 is a critical year for us to build union power from the ground up. There is a strong relationship between union members and the communities in which they work and live. Think about it: The UAW was founded by people


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