The Senate GOP Health Care Bill is a Threat to UAW Members and Our Families


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After the July 4th recess, the Senate is set to vote on a health care bill which strips insurance from 22 million Americans, guts protections for those with preexisting conditions, and brings back lifetime caps on care.

Put simply, this bill is a threat to UAW members, UAW retirees, and UAW families. Please take action today — call your Senator at 1-313-528-6780.

This bill is terrible for millions of Americans, is opposed by many Democrats and Republicans alike, but it is particularly bad for UAW members in a few ways. The bill: Cuts Medicaid by over $800 billion which could hurt many UAW families who have loved one’s getting long-term care;1

  • Brings back lifetime limits on care for millions including many UAW members – meaning someone with cancer might be cut off during treatment;2
  • It guts preexisting condition protections which means some UAW families will have trouble getting coverage or will get worse coverage;3
  • Could cause premiums to skyrocket for UAW members with employer-based coverage which could affect future negotiations – Medicaid cuts will cause hospitals to have massive uncompensated care costs which will be passed on to all of us with employer-based coverage;4
  • Reduces Medicare’s solvency by 4 years by getting rid of taxes on millionaires and billionaires stock market income.5

Put simply, this bill is a disaster for UAW members and our families.

Tell your senators to stand with UAW members and our families and say “No” to this devastating bill.


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