Remembering and Honoring our Veterans


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Remembering and Honoring our Veterans

A message from UAW President Rory L. Gamble


Today our nation comes together to honor the proud men and women who have stepped up to protect and serve our country. On this Veterans Day, we remember all those who served and the sacrifices they and their families made to keep us safe and to safeguard our democracy. We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice during wartime and all who gave of themselves during peacetime.

On this national holiday, we also pause to think about how to pay tribute to our veterans and our military families. We must pledge to care for our service members — as they have cared for this nation — and work to ensure that they have the resources they need and deserve. They were there when their country called on them to serve, and we need to be there for them as a nation who recognizes their contribution. The UAW has always been a proud supporter and advocate for veterans and their families. We continue to work in support of veterans’ benefits, opportunities, health care and more.

The UAW has a proud history of commitment to helping our nation’s veterans, both at the local level and through our standing veterans committee. As always, we will continue to fight for the rights of our brothers and sisters who bravely served our country and their families.

Thank you and God bless our veterans for their service to our nation.




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