Assistant Director Jim Soldate

Region 5 Assistant Director Jim Soldate

Jim Soldate was appointed to serve as Region 5 assistant director on Sept. 22, 2019.

Prior to joining the union, Soldate lived in California and worked as an account executive with Watkins Motor Lines, the nation’s eighth largest trucking company. In 2005,  he hired on with Exel Logistics Trucking, near Sacramento.  The company transported parts for the Chrysler Parts Distribution Center. Soldate, still new to the nonunion company, quickly soured on the company’s lack of respect for workers and the constant threats workers faced when complaining about safety issues. He turned anger into activism and led an organizing drive that gave birth to an Exel unit of the amalgamated UAW Local 76.

He was elected the first chairperson of the local’s Exel unit, and later he became Local 76 president.

In 2007, as a UAW temporary organizer, Soldate worked on campaigns including IPS and aerospace campaigns, primarily in California and Nevada. He also worked on the union’s Nissan and Hyundai campaigns. In 2009, a new assignment made him the first organizer to work on the UAW’s Tesla campaign in California.

In 2010, UAW President Bob King appointed him to serve as an International representative assigned to Region 5. Three years later, Soldate took an assignment in Las Vegas, where he participated in a successful campaign organizing dealers at the Flamingo casino. In 2015, his duties expanded to include the roles of lead negotiator for all casino contracts, Region 5 coordinator on all organizing drives, and the liaison for all local and state politics in Southern Nevada.

From 2015 to 2020, Soldate coordinated vigorous campaigns that helped the union’s momentum grow from one to 10 casinos in Las Vegas.

Soldate is a musician whose favorite venue is around the campfire. He and his wife, Laurie have a son, Cole and daughter, Cassidee.