Region 2B Director David Green

Region 2B Director David Green

In 2022, David Green was elected by the members of Region 2B under the UAW’s first direct ballot election.

Green became a UAW Local 1112 member in 1989 when he was a summer helper at General Motors’ Lordstown assembly plant. Six years later, he hired into General Motors FAB plant where he worked in various capacities including general assembly, material handling, body shop, pressroom, and team leader.

In 2003, he was elected to his first position as Trustee for Local 1714, a position he held until 2006. He was later elected vice president (2006-2007) and served as president (2007-2013) of the local.

The two UAW locals representing members at GM’s Lordstown Complex (Locals 1112 and 1714) merged in 2018, and in May 2018, David was sworn in as president of Local 1112. Six months after he assumed the role, GM announced it was closing the plant.

With the closure in 2019, David left for GM’s Bedford Casting Operations in Bedford, Ind., where he joined UAW Local 440. At Local 440, he started as a die cast operator and later became a hot metal driver. David was asked by the local leadership in 2020 if he could act as an alternate health and safety representative. A year later, he was asked to function as a temporary EAP representative while the plant was transitioning.

David has a BA in Social Sciences from Youngstown State University (1999), a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College (2008) and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication from Youngstown State (2019).

While David understands service, his most proud accomplishment is that of his two amazing and talented daughters, Alison and Cate.

David is currently living with his partner, Chrystal Behan, in Indianapolis, IN. Her support has helped him continue his passion for social and economic justice.