Director Gerald Kariem

UAW Region 1D Director
Gerald Kariem

Gerald Kariem was elected to his third term as Director of UAW Region 1D by delegates to the UAW’s 37th Constitutional Convention in June 2018. Kariem was first elected to lead the region at the 35th Constitutional Convention in June 2010.

Kariem was appointed assistant director by then Region 1D Director Don Oetman in June 2008. He started his union/work career in 1976 at 20 years old when he began working at Saginaw Steering Gear, represented by UAW Local 699. He is currently a member of UAW Local 362.

His initial involvement with the union began in the early 1980’s when he became a member of the education committee and later became involved with the union’s Community Action Program. He was elected shop committee person in 1992.

Kariem was selected in 1998 to participate in the distinguished UAW Fellowship Program.

Kariem was appointed to International staff as a servicing representative in 2001 by UAW President Stephen P. Yokich, as recommended by Region 1D Director George Andros.

Kariem has also participated for several years at the University of Michigan Labor Studies Institute, serving as facilitator, instructor and conference coordinator.

He serves on the board of directors for the Alliance for Health. In 2012 he received the Martha Reynolds Labor Award from Grand Rapids Community College and in April 2014, he received the Michigan Labor Press Award.

Kariem has a long history of being involved in his church and community. He and his wife, Pat, have been married for 42 years and they have one son, one daughter and four grandchildren.

Kariem’s favorite quote is: “The more you give, the more you receive – material, physical and spiritual – without reservation, without limitations.”