6/17/2024 — UAW Members at Cornell University Speak Out Ahead of Contract Expiration

6/17/2024  – Ultium Members Vote 98% to Ratify Contract that Sets New Standard for EV Industry

6/13/2024 — Nurses, Medics at CareFlight Vote to Join the UAW

6/11/2024 — UAW Members at Pennsylvania BMW Distribution Center Vote to Authorize Strike, If Necessary

6/10/2024 — UAW Members at Ultium Cells in Lordstown Reach EV Industry-Defining Tentative Agreement

6/10/2024 — UAW Endorses Independent Dan Osborn for U.S. Senate in Nebraska

5/29/2024 — UAW Workers Walk Out at Penske Logistics in El Paso after Company’s Refusal to Bargain in Good Faith

5/23/2024 — Webasto Workers Ratify First Contract, Winning up to 51% Raises with UAW Local 3000

5/23/2024 — Statement from UAW Vice President Mike Booth on Expansion of GM Special Attrition Program

5/23/2024 — American Folk Art Museum Workers to Vote on Unionization

5/22/2024 — Legal Worker Union Ratifies Contract Offer, Calling to End Historic 13-Week Strike

5/17/2024 — Statement from UAW President Shawn Fain on Mercedes Alabama Vote

5/16/2024 — Mercedes-Benz Under Investigation by German Government for Illegally Violating Workers Rights at Alabama Plant

5/6/2024 — UAW Local 869 Votes to Authorize Strike at Stellantis’ Warren Stamping Plant

5/4/2024 — UAW Members Ratify Historic Contract at Daimler Truck

5/2/2024 — UAW Region 6 Director Mike Miller Statement on Attacks on Students and Workers at UCLA

5/1/2024 — Comment from UAW President Shawn Fain on Mass Arrests of Anti-War Protestors

4/30/2024 — Over 1,000 UAW Members at Stellantis’ Warren Stamping Plant to Take Strike Authorization Vote Over Health & Safety Grievances

4/30/2024 — Joint Statement from UAW and Volkswagen on Certification of Election Results in Chattanooga

4/29/2024 — “Living Large at Mercedes?”: New UAW Video Exposes Staggering CEO Pay at Mercedes Ahead of Alabama Plant Union Vote

4/26/2024 — UAW Reaches Historic Tentative Agreement with Daimler Truck

4/26/2024 — TONIGHT: UAW President Shawn Fain & UAW Daimler Bargaining Committee to Announce Major Updates Ahead of Midnight Contract Expiration at Daimler Truck

4/25/2024 — UAW Files Four Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Daimler Truck Amid Contract Talks

4/23/2024 — GM Aramark Workers Win Major Gains, Raise the Standard for Sanitation Workers

4/19/2024 — In Historic Breakthrough, Volkswagen Workers Become First Southern Autoworkers to Win Their Union

4/18/24 — “The Time is Now”: Mercedes workers in Alabama to vote for union May 13-17

4/16/24 — UAW Releases New Video, “Leftover Money,” on Daimler’s Shameless Profit-hoarding as Workers Prepare to Stand Up

4/12/24 — ADVISORY: UAW President Shawn Fain to Join Daimler Truck Workers at Practice Picket Rallies

4/5/24 — Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama File for Union Election as Southern Autoworkers Stand Up to Join the UAW

4/4/24 — UAW, C.E.A.S.E. & Smith Mullin to Hold Press Conference Tomorrow, Noon in Trenton, NJ

4/4/24 — U.S. Department of Energy Announces Final Rule for Distribution Transformers, in Major Win for UAW Members

4/3/24 — UAW Files Charges in Germany Against Mercedes-Benz: Company’s Anti-Union U.S. Autoworkers Violates New German Law on Global Supply Chain Practices 

4/1/24 — ADVISORY: UAW President Shawn Fain and Hundreds of Workers Kicking Off Daimler Truck Contract Talks Tuesday with Livestreamed Rally

3/26/24 — Alabama Workers File Federal Charges Against Mercedes-Benz, Request Government Injunction to End Company’s Illegal Union Busting

3/25/24 — Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Will Vote in Their Union Election on April 17–19

3/21/24 — Warehouse Employees at DP World Vote to Join UAW with Supermajority Support

3/20/24 — UAW Leaders and Rank-and-File Members to Meet with Delegation from Independent Mexican Auto Unions

3/20/24 — UAW Statement on the EPA’s New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule

3/18/24 — Volkswagen Workers File for Union Election to Join UAW

3/15/24 — Saving Butler: UAW Members Fight for the Future of a Pennsylvania Steel Town

3/11/24 — Nearly 7,000 UAW Members at Daimler Truck Vote to Authorize Strike, If Necessary 

3/6/24 — MEDIA ADVISORY – Lateefah Simon and Senator Josh Becker (SD-13) Join Advocates for Climate and Labor Press Conference in Richmond 

3/6/24 — “We Keep Toyota Running”: Workers at Critical Toyota Plant Launch Campaign to Join the UAW

3/5/24 — Academic Student Workers at The New School Set March 6 Strike Deadline

3/5/24 — “We Stood Together”: Workers at Auto Supplier GNS North America Vote to Join UAW Local 900, Region 1A

3/4/24 — MASS MoCA Workers Announce March 6 Strike Deadline

2/29/24 — “Not Like It Used To Be”: Daimler Workers Gear Up For Historic Contract Fight

2/27/24 — “We Are The Majority”: Workers at Mercedes-Benz’s Largest US Plant Announce Majority Support for Movement to Join UAW

2/23/24 — UAW Establishes Solidarity Project to Support Mexican Autoworkers

2/21/24 — UAW Announces $40 Million Commitment to Organizing Auto and Battery Workers Over Next Two Years

2/21/24 — UAW Local 862 Reaches Local Tentative Agreement at Ford Kentucky Plant, Averting Strike

2/16/24 — Nearly 9,000 UAW Autoworkers Serve Strike Notice at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant Over Local Agreement Issues Including Health & Safety and Skilled Trades

2/6/24 – “We’re Taking the Lead”: Over Half of Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga, Tennessee Sign Cards to Join the UAW in Less Than 60 Days

2/2/24 – 400 Workers at Auto Supplier Antolin Vote Overwhelmingly to Join UAW

2/1/24 – “Montgomery Can’t Wait”: Hyundai Autoworkers in Montgomery, Alabama Announce Public Campaign to Join the UAW in Latest Organizing Milestone

1/29/24 – Over 10,000 Autoworkers Sign Union Cards Across 13 Non-Union Automakers in Major Milestone for Historic Organizing Drive

1/24/24 – UAW Endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States

1/23/24 – United Auto Workers and Community Groups Demand Accountability From Hyundai Ahead of Major Transit Contract Approval 

1/20/24 – MEDIA ADVISORY: January 22/24, 2024 “Stand Up For Our Future”: Hundreds of UAW Members, Leaders, & Activists to Gather in D.C. for National Political Conference w/ Electeds and More

1/16/24 – UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live at 5 p.m. ET on New Organizing Drive, the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and More

1/11/24 – “United and Winning”: UAW Members Speak Out About Historic Agreement at Allison Transmission

1/10/24 – Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama Launch Public Campaign to Join the UAW as Organizing Momentum Builds in Non-Union Auto Plants Across the U.S.

1/5/24 – “We Have to Stand Up”: 1,500 UAW Members at Allison Transmission in Indianapolis Prepare for First Big U.S. Strike of 2024

1/4/24 – U.S. Senators Call on Non-Union Auto Companies to Stop Union-Busting

1/2/24 – 1500 UAW Members at Allison Transmission in Indianapolis Gear Up for First Major US Strike of 2024

12/18/23 – Volkswagen Workers, Faith Coalition, and UAW President Shawn Fain Visit Chattanooga Plant to Demand VW Stop Union-Busting; Union Files More Federal Charges Against Unlawful VW Policies

12/11/23 – Workers at Honda, Hyundai and VW Stand Up to Management Intimidation, File Unfair Labor Practice Charges; UAW President Fain to Address Union-Busting on Facebook Live Tonight, 5 p.m. ET

12/7/23 – Blue Cross Blue Shield Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify New Contract

12/7/23 – Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Launch Public Campaign to Join UAW with Over 1,000 Workers Signed Up

12/5/23 – “These Hands”: New UAW Video Highlights Non-Union Autoworkers Fighting for Economic Justice

11/29/23 – Thousands of Autoworkers Launch Campaigns to Join the UAW at More than a Dozen Automakers

11/28/23 – After 11 Weeks on Strike, UAW Members at Blue Cross Blue Shield Reach Tentative Agreement

11/20/23 – UAW Members Ratify Historic Contracts at Ford, G M and Stellantis

11/8/23 – Brooklyn Museum Workers Ratify First Union Contract 

11/3/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain and Vice President Mike Booth to Detail Highlights of GM Tentative Agreement on Facebook Saturday at Noon ET

11/2/23 – Stand Up Strikers at First Ford Local to Walk Out Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify New Contract

11/2/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain and Vice President Rich Boyer to Detail Highlights of Stellantis Tentative Agreement on Facebook Live at 7 p.m. ET 

10/31/23 – Brooklyn Museum Union Sets November 8 Strike Deadline

10/30/23 – UAW Reaches a Tentative Agreement with General Motors, Bringing Ultium Cells Workers Into Master Agreement

10/29/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain and Vice President Chuck Browning to Detail Highlights of Ford Tentative Agreement on Facebook Live at 7 p.m. ET

10/28/23 – UAW Reaches a Tentative Agreement with Stellantis

10/25/23 – UAW Reaches Tentative Agreement on Record Contract with Ford Motor Company

10/24/23 – BREAKING: Another 5,000 Autoworkers Join the UAW’s Stand Up Strike at GM’s Largest Plant

10/23/23 – Over 1,100 UAW Members at General Dynamics in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Reach Tentative Agreement After Strike Threat

10/23/23 – BREAKING: 6,800 Autoworkers Join the UAW’s Stand Up Strike at Stellantis’ Largest Plant

10/20/23 – After a Week of Intensive Negotiations, UAW President Shawn Fain Going on Facebook Live TODAY at 4 p.m. ET to Give Bargaining Updates from All Big Three Tables

10/13/23 – Two Days after Surprise Strike at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant, UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live at 10 a.m. TODAY to Discuss Next Steps in Stand Up Strategy

10/11/23 – BREAKING: 8,700 Workers Strike Ford’s Iconic and Extremely Profitable Kentucky Truck Plant

10/11/23 – New UAW Video Exposes Extreme CEO Pay at Big Three Compared to Rival Automakers, Shows Companies Can Easily Afford UAW Demands

10/11/23 – U.S. Sen. Jacky Rosen Joining UAW Strikers Today on Picket Line in Reno

10/10/23 – U.S. Senator John Fetterman to Stand with Mack Trucks Strikers in Macungie, PA

10/9/23 – U.S. Sen. Jacky Rosen and Nevada Treasurer Zach Conine Joining UAW Strikers on Picket Line in Reno on Tuesday and Wednesday

10/9/23 – UAW Leaders React to California Governor Newsom’s Veto of Assembly Bill 504

10/9/23 – UAW Members at Mack Trucks Reject Tentative Agreement, Walk Out on Strike

10/7/23 – TODAY: UAW President Shawn Fain, Mayor Brandon Johnson & Top Labor Leaders to Rally with Striking UAW Workers in Chicago; SUNDAY: UAW Supplemental Employees Rally in Detroit

10/6/23 – UAW Wins Just Transition at General Motors

10/6/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live at 2 p.m. EDT to Update Members on Status of Negotiations with the Big Three

10/5/23 – Teachers Join Striking Autoworkers on More Than 40 Picket Lines in National Day of Action; AFT President Walking the Line with UAW Members in Cincinnati

10/4/23 – New UAW Video, “Broken Promises,” Reveals the Roots of the Stand Up Strike Against the Big Three Automakers

10/2/23 – NEW POLL: Supermajority of Americans Support UAW Over Automakers in Fight Against Big Three Corporate Greed

9/30/23 – ZF Workers in Alabama Mark 10 Days on Strike

9/29/23 – UAW Expands Stand Up Strike Against General Motors and Ford at Noon Eastern

9/29/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain Announcing on Facebook Live at 10 a.m. EDT Whether More Members Will Stand Up and Strike

9/28/23 – Workers at Detroit’s Casinos are Voting to Authorize Potential Strikes

9/27/23 – New UAW Video on Combating Plant Closures Features Footage of Donald Trump Falsely Promising Autoworkers He Would Save Their Jobs

9/26/23 – U.S. President Joe Biden to Join UAW President Shawn Fain and Stand Up Strikers on Picket Line

9/22/23 – UAW Expands Stand Up Strike Against General Motors and Stellantis

9/22/23 – With Noon Deadline Looming, UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live TODAY at 10 a.m. EST to Announce Next Steps in Stand Up Strike

9/19/23 – Statement from UAW President Shawn Fain on Donald Trump

9/18/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain Announces that Stand Up Strike Will Expand at Noon on Friday if Big Three Fail to Make Substantial Progress in Negotiations by the Deadline

9/18/23 – UAW Releases New Video, “Corporate Greed,” on What’s Really Going on in the Auto Industry

9/16/23 – Statement on Stellantis Belvidere Assembly

9/16/23 – UAW Statement on Reports of Layoffs of Non-Striking Workers

9/15/23 – Statement from UAW President Shawn Fain

9/15/23 – UAW Holding Major Rally and March in Detroit on First Day of Historic Stand Up Strike

9/15/23 – UAW Launches Historic Stand Up Strike Against Big Three Automakers

9/14/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Special 10 p.m. Facebook Live to Make Stand Up Announcement

9/14/23 – UAW Announces “Stand Up Strike” Strategy in a Historic First at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis in Case of No Agreement by Midnight Tonight

9/13/23 – Over 1,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Workers Walk Out on Strike

9/13/23 – TODAY, 5PM EST: With Big Three Contracts Expiring Thursday Night, UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live to Update Members on Bargaining and Lay Out Strike Strategy

9/11/23 – UAW Releases Special Big Three Issue of Its Union Magazine – Free Download Available for Members, Media and the Public

9/8/23 – TODAY, 5PM EST: UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live to Discuss Status of Big Three Talks at All Three Tables

9/8/23 – UAW Fights Back Against Corporate Media: New Video Shows How Some in the Corporate Media Mislead the Public by Parroting Big Three Talking Points

9/7/23 – Statement from UAW President Fain on GM’s Latest Proposal

9/7/23 – UAW Members and Leaders to Rally at Stellantis’ Trenton Engine Plant Ahead of Contract Expiration

9/6/23 – “Justice for Belvidere”: New UAW Video about an Idled Stellantis Facility Shows the Heartbreak of Plant Closings, Offers Hope that the Revitalized Union Can Help Stop Them

9/4/23 – “Prosperity”: New Video Shows How the UAW Has Lifted Up Families Like Union President Shawn Fain’s and How Its Big Three Contract Demands Can Help Save the American Dream

8/31/23 – Statement by UAW President Shawn Fain on the U.S. Department of Energy Announcing $15.5 Billion in New Grants and Loans to Support a Just Transition to Electric Vehicles

8/31/23 – TODAY, 6PM: UAW President Shawn Fain Holding Facebook Live on Status of Big Three Talks; Fain’s Update Comes just after Gallup Poll Finds 75% of Americans Back UAW over Automakers

8/27/23 – UAW Workers at Ultium in Lordstown Vote 895 to 22 to Ratify Interim Agreement that Immediately Raises Wages

8/25/23 – UAW Releases Staggering Results of Strike Authorization Vote

8/24/23 – UAW Battery Workers at Ultium in Lordstown Win Breakthrough Agreement on Wage Increase

8/24/23 – UAW President Shawn Fain Announcing Strike Authorization Vote Results on Facebook Live Friday, 11 a.m. EST; Fain Joining Practice Pickets in Louisville, Ky., TODAY and Friday

8/22/23 – UAW Ramping Up Actions as President Shawn Fain Joins Practice Pickets in Detroit on Wednesday Aug. 23, Then Louisville, Ky., on Thursday, Aug. 24 and Friday, Aug. 25

8/21/23 – UAW Releases Video about Fourth Generation Ford Worker Who’s Fallen Behind the Standards Her Family Once Enjoyed

8/20/23 – UAW Holding Major Rally TODAY, Sun., Aug., 20, in Metro Detroit for a Big Three Contract that Lifts Standards for Autoworkers and Every Worker

8/18/23 – UAW Holding Major Rally Sunday in Metro Detroit for a Big Three Contract that Lifts Standards for Autoworkers and Every Worker

8/15/23 – With 30 Days Until the Big Three Contract Expires, UAW President Shawn Fain to Call Out Automakers for Lack of Progress in Talks and Announce Strike Authorization Vote